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More women accuse Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct, Trump gushes on phone with Putin, state attorneys general vow to sue to protect net neutrality, and more.
December 15, 2017, 4:30pm

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US News

Dustin Hoffman Accused by Multiple Women of Sexual Harassment, Assault
Several women have accused the actor of serious sexual misconduct, from exposing himself to molestation to possibly coercive sex, in two separate reports. Cori Thomas claimed Hoffman exposed himself to her in a hotel room when she was only 16 and asked for a massage. Thectress Kathryn Rossetter claimed he would “stick his fingers inside me” routinely before performances of Death of a Salesman. Hoffman’s lawyer called the allegations “defamatory falsehoods.”—The Hollywood Reporter/Variety

Trump Thanks Putin for Praise


President Trump called Vladimir Putin and expressed his gratitude after the Russian president acknowledged the United States’ “strong economic performance” at his annual press conference, according to the White House. The leaders also discussed the standoff with North Korea during the ten minute call.—Politico

Long Island Woman Accused of Laundering Bitcoin for ISIS

Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, has been charged with fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection to allegedly funding ISIS. Shahnaz is accused of obtaining credit cards and a loan using false information and using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to launder the money on behalf of ISIS. Prosecutors said she may have been trying to fly to Syria when law enforcement made the arrest.—AP

AGs Vow to Sue to Protect Net Neutrality
New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman and several other state attorney generals have promised to sue the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over its decision to scrap net neutrality rules. The Internet Association, the body acting for tech giants like Google, said it was sizing up a lawsuit as well. The FCC voted 3–2 along partly lines in favor of repealing rules designed to protect consumers Thursday.—The New York Times/VICE News

International News

Australian Catholic Church Urged to Drop Celibacy in the Priesthood
Australia’s royal commission published its final report on sexual abuse and recommended the Catholic Church consider allowing priests to choose whether they remain celibate. It said celibacy had “contributed to the occurrence of child sexual abuse.” The report also advocated a change allowing and possibly encouraging priests to report sexual abuse revealed to them in confession.—BBC News

UK Military Boss Says Russia Threatens Undersea Cables
Sir Stuart Peach, the UK’s chief of defense staff and chair of NATO’s military committee, warned that Russia could disrupt underwater internet cables connecting western Europe and the US. Peach said Russian ships had been seen near the Atlantic cables. He said any break in the link “would immediately—and catastrophically—fracture both international trade and the internet.”— The Guardian


Peruvian President Refuses to Resign
President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski vowed to stay on despite allegations of corruption and calls for his resignation. Brazilian company Odebrecht has said it gave some $4 million to a company owned by one of the president's closest friends, as well as a smaller sum to one of his own firms. The president said he was willing to undergo a congressional investigation into his finances. “I’m willing to defend the truth,” he said.—Reuters

Five Teenagers Killed in French Train/Bus Crash
Five teenagers died when a bus carrying secondary school students was hit by a train at a crossing near the city of Perpignan, France, on Thursday. Photos showed the bus had been cut into two by the moving train. An investigation into “involuntary homicide” is now under way.—France 24

Everything Else

NYPD Opens Investigation into Russell Simmons Claims
The department’s special victims unit has reportedly begun contacting women who accused the Def Jam co-founder of sexual assault, including at least one woman who said he raped her. Simmons vowed to “properly defend myself” in an Instagram post and used the hashtag “#NotMe."—Los Angeles Times

Disney Boss Says Fox Studios Will Survive Despite Buyout
Following Disney’s landmark agreement to buy much of 21st Century Fox for just over $52 billion, chairman and CEO Bob Iger insisted Fox, Fox Searchlight, and Fox 2000 still have a future. “We fully intend to stay in those businesses,” he said.—The Hollywood Reporter


‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Reportedly Nabs $45 Million Preview
The latest Star Wars movie is projected to have earned the sum from Thursday preview showings, the second most ever taken at such screenings. Star Wars: The Force Awakens took in $57 million during its Thursday preview.—Deadline

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Coming Back
Only a few weeks after the season nine finale, HBO has announced Larry David's Curb will be returning for another run of episodes. “As I’ve said many times," David said, "when one has the opportunity to annoy someone, one should do so."—VICE

DRAM and Neil Young Drop Collaboration
The Virginia hip-hop artist and legendary singer-songwriter released “Campfire,” a strange, country-soul crossover. The duo recorded it for Bright, Will Smith’s new Netflix movie about an orc becoming a cop.—Noisey

NASA Finds Eighth Exoplanet in Distant Solar System
The agency has revealed the latest results from its work with Google analyzing data from the Kepler telescope. A new planet discovered in the Kepler 90 system means it’s tied with our own solar system for the most known planets in orbit around a single sun in this galaxy.—Motherboard

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