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Daily Horoscope: April 17, 2016

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The planet of communication, Mercury, mingles with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, early today at 5:21 AM—who knows what plans they're plotting? Down on Earth, this energy translates into us feeling more psychic and more in tune with what we need to do to achieve power. This is definitely necessary, considering that the big news today is Mars retrograde: It begins! It's time to rethink our battle strategies. Expect Martian themes, like sex and war, to intensify. All times EDT.



Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde today in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius! This is going to bring a huge shift around how you interact with the world. Changes in travel or school plans could also be on the way. Big talks around money go down in the early part of the day.


Philosophical breakthroughs arrive early today, Taurus, but the big news is that Mars will be turning retrograde in Sagittarius. Expect big shifts around your intimate relationships, as well as a change in how you handle debts and other tricky financial matters.


Your relationships, both romantic and otherwise, are about to undergo a huge change, Gemini, with the planet of war, Mars, turning retrograde in your opposite sign, Sagittarius. Things are going to intensify!


You're approaching the world very logically today; your ruling planet, the Moon, is hanging out in analytical, practical Earth sign Virgo. Mars begins its retrograde in Sagittarius: Expect a change in plans.


The Moon is in Virgo, activating the sector of your chart that rules finances, but the huge news today is that Mars turns retrograde in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius. This is going to bring changes to your love and creative life.


The Moon is in your sign all day today, sending you good vibes, but that doesn't change the fact that warrior Mars is switching directions in the sky, bringing a shift in your life around home and family.


Warrior Mars begins its retrograde today in philosophical Sagittarius, and it's stimulating the sector of your chart that rules the mind: You'll begin to see things very differently! The same old arguments that always pop up in your life are so boring to you now.


Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde today! And your other ruling planet, Pluto, goes retrograde tomorrow! What are you going to do, Scorpio? You're feeling even more intense than usual.


Mars turns retrograde in your sign today, Sagittarius—your energy levels will go way down, and you may even find yourself overreacting or feeling sensitive about stuff that usually wouldn't bother you. Try to stay present.


Sexy, creative vibes come your way early today, Capricorn, thanks to chatty Mercury hanging out with power planet Pluto. Energetic Mars turns retrograde today, and you'll feel yourself slowing way down: Time to get some rest.


Mars turns retrograde in fun Fire sign Sagittarius, and it will find you rethinking your friendships, as well as the relationships you're forming at work or around your professional or public persona.


If you read your Broadly April horoscope, you know you're totally chill with planets retrograding because your sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in different directions. You don't care which way you're going, as long as it's somewhere. Change is coming.

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