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Women Share Times Their Friends Bailed Them Out of Terrible Situations

From run-ins with creepy men to drunken nights gone horrible wrong, sometimes the best person to come to your rescue is a best friend.
Illustration by Katherine Killeffer

If you're someone who takes to forming interpersonal relationships, you've likely found yourself with friendships of varying degrees of closeness throughout your life. There are the friends you feel obligated to see over drinks once a month, the ones you text at 2 AM when you're desperate to find your next drinking destination, and the ones who want to drop a small fortune on dinner when you're just looking for some damn nachos. And then there are the real gems—the ones who are always there to bail you out when you've done something bad enough you can't tell your mom about it, but serious enough that you really should, at some point, call your mom.


Enter, those friends who like you enough to sacrifice their time or sleep or plans for their own wellbeing. Or, in the case of Jules and Ophelia, the two college-women-turned-vigilantes in MTV's new series Sweet/Vicious, sometimes you can find a friend who will actually risk their life with you. So, we decided to ask people to tell us about the times their friends miraculously bailed them out of a terrible situation.

Rescued from monkeys

One time, a group of my friends and I decided to take acid and then go hang out at a park, where we were also drinking. I think I had more than a few drinks…so not only was I rolling, but I also ended up wasted. I remember thinking that I was seeing monkeys in the trees. Before I knew it, it was my curfew and one of my friends somehow managed to get me home, sneak me into my bed, and then talked to my parents, explaining that "I had fallen asleep at his lake cottage." I have no idea how that worked, but somehow my parents believed it. — Janet

When strangers become friends

My freshman year of college, I had a huge crush on this guy who was definitely not interested in me. One night in the dead of winter, I was drinking in his dorm with friends, and he left to "run to his other friend's" dorm, so I stayed in his room with my friend who was passed out. She ended up throwing up on his bed while he was gone, so I ran out of his room to get tissues; when I tried to get back in, I realized I was locked out without my coat, phone, and shoes. Turns out, that guy had ended up going to a party, so I had to go into some random girl's room down the hallway and Facebook chat anyone who was online who could let me stay at their place or drive me to my dorm. Thank god, I found a classmate I barely knew but who had a car, and he picked me up at 4 AM outside this dorm, barefoot and standing in the snow. We weren't friends then, but we are now. — Catherine


A three-hour round-trip to the bathroom

One time in college, I got an internship offer and had to take a drug test through some certain third party vendor whose offices were over an hour drive from campus. I had to go super early in the morning to get there before the deadline to take the drug test. My roommate, and more importantly friend, woke up with me at 5 AM just to ride in the car and keep me awake on my drive there and back. I had to stop 15 minutes before we got to the drug testing center so I could pee because I couldn't hold it, so it took me forever to pee at the drug testing place—I really put her through the ringer. I ended up not taking the job and said friend and I got high together last night. — Megan

A+ friends with Plan B

My friends stopped me as I drunkenly lost my virginity at a party after a bad break up. Like, they literally walked in and told us to stop because [the guy and I] were both so, so drunk. The next day, [my friend] went with someone to buy me Plan B because I was working the whole time the pharmacy was open. She talked to the guy for me and made him pay for it, and she made sure I was okay emotionally. I'll never forget how protective she was of me. — Carrie

Full-time friend, part-time mover

When I realized my neighbor had made a copy of my key and was prowling around my apartment when I wasn't there, my best friend came with a truck in an hour's notice to move me to somewhere safer. We were packed and out of there in less than 45 minutes. — Christine

When you're the one doing the saving

A friend from London came to New York for a week to shoot a documentary TV show. We got drunk the night before her flight and then were snarky and stressed the next day—the kind of cranky you only can be with people you really love while trying to power through a devastating hangover. When my friend got to the airport, she realized she had left the hard drive with all of the footage from the week's shooting in my room. I guess it all had cost her company $20,000 or so, and her boss needed the footage as soon as she got off the flight in London. So I dragged my sorry, sweaty self into an Uber (which had to pull over because I thought I was going to throw up) and gave her the hard drive just as her flight was closing. Closest I've come to rushing to the airport to declare my love. — Eleanor

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