Haim Master the Art of Line Dancing in the "Little of Your Love" Video

It follows on from their last attempt at choreo, in the "Want You Back" visual.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
October 3, 2017, 10:49am

Haim aren't known for their dance skills, but it never stops them from having a good go at it anyway. Following on from their last video for "Want You Back," which saw them holding a weird, three-woman dance party in the middle of the street (all the while impeccably dressed), they're now tackling line dancing, in a new clip for "Little of Your Love."

Line dancing is pretty in keeping with the country guitar twang on the track, which is one of the standouts on their second album Something to Tell You. The video, as you'd expect, is very aesthetically pleasing, and shows the sisters Having a Great Time underneath a disco ball. Maybe I'm into line dancing now? I basically changed my hair to look like a Haim sister, so this is the next logical step. Siri, where is my nearest barn? Also, which PR will send me a stetson? Watch the video above.

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