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Passengers Board Final Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th

Finnair is changing the Satanic flight number after more than a decade of service straight into the gates of HEL.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Image via Flickr users BriYYZ and Stephen Dann

Like a giant, jet-powered, aluminum bat out of the underworld, Finnair's flight AY666 took off from Copenhagen this Friday the 13th and landed in HEL (Helsinki), completing the world's most metal journey for the very last time, the Telegraph reports.

Finnair is retiring the Number of the Beast after operating the flight for 11 years, clocking in 21 journeys so unbelievably raw they could make Satan weep boiling-hot tears of joy. Though the airline will still run the roughly hour-long route, it's swapping out the flight number for AY954—which, incredibly, is actually still kind of metal. Nu-metal shredders Nonpoint run a heathenish label named 954 Records, which could just be a coincidence. Or it could be the work of the Antichrist.


Friday's flight took off at 13:20 military time and touched down a little after 15:45, according to RT. Though it doesn't look like anyone onboard sacrificed a goat or whatever, folks still seemed pretty nervous before takeoff.

Sadly, the passenger who would've made old Beezlebub most proud didn't even get to board the flight. Mikael Robertsson was set to sit in seat 13F on the hellish journey, but apparently couldn't make it to his gate on time.

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