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Join the #Fight4BirthControl to Protect Basic Health Care Now

Planned Parenthood just launched the biggest birth control campaign ever in response to unprecedented attacks to take basic coverage away.
October 30, 2017, 4:30pm
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Birth control is an essential part of health care, and a no-brainer for millions of people. But President Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary rolled back an Obama-era policy that mandated employers cover birth control costs for free—regardless of the moral or religious affiliation of the company. Nearly nine-in-10 women will use contraception at some point in their lives, either for family planning or medical reasons, and the current effort to restrict basic access to birth control will have a regressive effect for households across the country. Planned Parenthood estimates that more than 62 million women are at risk for losing birth control coverage because of it.


For many, this is an absurd fight to be having in 2017 as the issue of birth control has long been seen as non controversial. In a commissioned survey conducted by Hart Research Associates, the data showed that 71 percent of all voters—including men— felt that women should have access to birth control without any out of pocket costs. Without certain insurance coverage, birth control can cost as much as $600 a year, and the facts are clear that this move to restrict access threatens basic preventative health care.

To combat the very immediate and direct attacks, Planned Parenthood just launched the #Fight4BirthControl campaign to "engage employers and everyday people ahead of the January 2018 deadline when many companies could drop birth control coverage." During a limited but crucial window, employers, lawmakers and the Trump administration need to hear what you think birth control coverage should look like in the United States.

Companies like Kodak have already made it clear that they will continue to cover birth control without exception and the time is now to get other large employers on board and to send a very clear signal to lawmakers.

Join the #Fight4BirthControl campaign to step up to out of touch lawmakers that want use your health care for political points. December 5, 2017 is the deadline for comments on the birth control rule - we need your input NOW.