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Idiot Dodger Fan Jumps into Astros Bullpen, Gets Arrested

This guy thought it would be smart to attack a security guard in the Astros bullpen. It went as well as anyone could have expected.
Screenshot via Hershel Cohen

Some people just like playing with fire. It's hard to tell what this Dodger fan was thinking, but 41-year-old Alan Dreyfus—according to USA TODAY Sports—is probably regretting jumping into the Astros bullpen during last night's game. Because his ass got arrested.

According to USA TODAY Sports, Dreyfus had gotten into a tiff with Astros fan Julio Torres, who said, "It got to a point where things started to get hostile. I told him I'm not here for that. I just went through Hurricane Harvey. I wasn't here for that."


Eventually, it seems that Dreyfus's beef migrated over to a security guard in the Astros bullpen. That's when this stroke of genius hit:

Yup. After leaping into the bullpen, Dreyfus got swarmed by security, bear-hugged, head-locked, and then taken away by the LAPD. He was charged with a misdemeanor battery—against the security guard—and field intrusion, according to an LAPD spokesperson,.

Meanwhile, pitcher Luke Gregerson wasn't really impressed with the situation. Also via USA TODAY Sports:

"Security got there really quick, and it was like there were 30 of them," Gregerson said. "Oh, my God, other than that it was nothing. I think the guy was mad at the security guy or something. He wanted to fight him."

Clearly not the biggest fight Gregerson's seen all year.

[Video courtesy of Hershel Cohen]