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Here Is a Tuxedoed John Cena Playing a Haunting Cover of "Where Is My Mind?"

No dream is too big.

The internet is abuzz today with rumors of a surprise new release from a major artist. The project, we're told, will "break the internet." Well, friends, I can tell you that the surprise is here and it has exceeded our wildest expectations. At the top of the page is John Cena—a Renaissance man who speaks Mandarin, collaborates with Wiz Khalifa, and acts as America's conscience. He is wearing a tuxedo and playing an instrumental piano cover of Pixies' 1988 single, "Where Is My Mind?" Apparently, it is a celebration—Cena's fiance, Nikki Bella, runs a YouTube page with her sister. The two have just hit 900,000 followers.


But what is important is the lesson—no dream is too big.

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[h/t Spin]