You Can Buy Your Favorite Props from 'Parks and Rec' Right Now

Now's your chance to own Duke Silver's fedora or a Knope 2012 campaign shirt from the actual show.

It's officially the 2017 holiday season, and while Black Friday pilgrims wasted the weekend wrestling for various screened devices, it turns out the only thing worth spending money on isn't part of any Cyber Monday sale. Starting Monday, NBC is auctioning off hundreds of props from the set of Parks and Recreation, so stop shopping for Alexa pucks or whatever and treat yo'self to some real, honest-to-God, Pawnee treasures.


The auction, which NBC is putting on in partnership with Screenbid, features everything from Leslie Knope campaign gear to Entertainment 720 swag, all from the actual set of the show.

The auction also includes bottles of Tom Haverford's Snake Juice, a Sweetums apron with an oversized "small" soda cup, "Don't Recall Knope" merch from that season six arc, and—for the Perd Hapley heads out there—a "Final Word with Perd" mug.

You can even buy yourself a copy of the special Mouse Rat tribute to Lil Sebastian, "5,000 Candles in the Wind," and a Lil Sebastian sweater, in honor of the late mini-horse.

There are around 280 different props and costumes up for sale, along with some duplicates. They're all great collectables for Parks and Rec fans, but one item stands above the rest: Duke Silver's own fedora and vest, the actual outfit Ron Swanson wore when he lived his double life as a mustachioed smooth jazz sax player, though you'll probably have to outbid a fleet of aging Eagleton divorcees if you want to take that one home.

Bidding starts Monday at 1PM EST and will go until December 1, with opening bids between $25 and $300—though it's unlikely that prices will stay that low for long. Some proceeds from the auction will be donated to LA Conservation Corps, an organization that works with at-risk youth.

Check out everything on the auction block right now over at the Screenbid website and buy the Councilman Jamm "Brace Yourself" windbreaker you've always wanted.