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Perth Neo-Nazis Murder Tradie In Shakespearean Love Triangle

This is why they call WA the wild west.
May 17, 2018, 6:26am
Aryan Nation (Edhouse on the far left). Image Supplied

A neo-Nazi love triangle has violently concluded with a murder, landing the two culprits, 44-year-old Melony Jane Attwood and 22-year-old Robert Edhouse, in prison for the next 21 years.

It all started when Robert Edhouse, 22, president of Perth’s chapter of the Aryan Nations gang, was invited to live with Melony Attwood, who was the leader of Aryan Girls United, and her partner at the time, Alan Taylor.


While Alan Taylor pursued his FIFO career as a boilermaker, Attwood pursued her fantasy of forging an Aryan nation via the distribution of jackets, flags, and pamphlets from their home. She was also in a relationship with the young neo-Nazi gang leader, Robert Edhouse.

Taylor had no idea that Edhouse, the man he had allowed into his home, was having an affair with his partner, and that the two had been quietly conspiring to “get him out the way.” Although he didn’t partake in the divisive politics of his partner, he chose not to interfere either.

Interestingly, Attwood played matriarch to two other neo-Nazis as well: 22-year-old Corey Dymock, and a 17-year-old recruit.

Prosecutor Justin Whalley said that the murder wasn’t motivated by politics, but by Edhouse’s desire to develop a relationship with Attwood, who had assured him that the murder could win them $1 million in insurance money.

Edhouse formed a “death squad” from his closest allies, Dymock and the 17-year-old recruit. He offered Dymock $100,000 for his part in the murder.

When the “death squad” arrived at the Girrawheen home, they attacked Alan Taylor with a hammer, bludgeoning him to death. The coroner told the court that it would have taken Taylor between two and four hours to die.

It was during those slow hours, that the gang went to the cinema and joked about the murder, before going back to Dymock’s house to plan their alibi.


But things didn’t unfold as they expected.

Melony Attwood, dialled triple 0 to report a break-in that had allegedly resulted in the murder of her husband, 44-year-old Alan Taylor.

But upon arrival, paramedics were restrained from entering the home because there were warnings on their system that the Arnos Way address was affiliated with a Nazi syndicate.

Corey Dymock had told his girlfriend about the crime, and that he had struck Taylor in the head with a hammer. Dymock also turned police informant and gave statements saying that he had been bullied into partaking in the murder by Edhouse.

Prior to sentencing, Edhouse launched into Dymock and attacked him with a flurry of punches. As the Court's security attempted to disrupt the violence, Edhouse’s family members joined the brawl. Edhouse’s father was a member of the Club Deroes bikie gang and had himself been acquitted of murdering a rival bikie in the early 2000s.

Both Edhouse and Attwood have been sentenced to 21 years in prison after being found guilty of murder, while Dymock was sentenced to five years as an accessory to murder.

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