"Come Over" Is the Internet Back at Their Smoothly Confident Best

Syd, Steve Lacy and co. have also announced a new album, 'Hive Mind,' out July 20.
Photo via PR

If anything, the Internet's profile has only been raised since 2015's Ego Death, with Syd's strong solo album and the growing prominence of Steve Lacy's Rickenbacker-driven production sound arguing for the neo-soul band's influence on the R&B/rap world. They'll get to cash in that cultural cache on July 20, when their latest album Hive Mind comes out. The group's launched a new single called "Come Over" to go with that announcement, and as the kids say, it's a big tune. (the kids definitely do not say that)


Lacy and Syd run the homespun funk of the track, the former with his unexpected jazz chords and shredding guitar solo and the latter by being effortlessly cool as always. You can listen to "Come Over" below.

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