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Jessie J Is Sharing a Radically Vulnerable Version of Herself

After a four-year hiatus, Jessie J has returned with a stripped-down new record that shows an artist interested in transcending the traditional role of the pop star. She sat down with Broadly to open up about what prompted her reinvention.

Jessie J's new four-part album, R.O.S.E, begins with a prayer. The introductory Oh Lord is a mere one and a half minutes and doesn't even have a chorus. Rather, it features the British singer once known for pop bangers nearly whispering a confession: I don't want to do this life anymore / I'm always fucking tired, I get so bored / I feel trapped and I hate that I'm insecure /
Yeah, I work my arse off but what for?


The raw lyrics offer a window into the question that many fans have been asking over the past four years since the pop star last put out an album: What has Jessie J been doing?

The answer, it seems, is digging deep to reach a new level of authenticity. Although the now 30-year-old topped the charts and became known as a bubbly pop star for her energetic 2011 debut single "Price Tag" and following second and third albums in 2013 and 2014, her latest release reveals a surprisingly emotional new side of the singer. And through the album's stripped-down ballads, she opens up about body image, creative difficulty, and the pressures of being both an artist and a woman.

We sat down with Jessie J at an intimate show in Montauk to talk about what prompted her to open up on her new record, resisting labels as a person in the public eye, and staying humble.