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Yaadcore Wants You to Leave Your Badmind Behind On The Upbeat "Fenke, Fenke"

Co-founder of reggae record label '12 Yaad Records,' the DJ turned producer wants to make feel good music with a message.

Rory ‘Yaadcore’ Cha has always been on the redefining wave. Propelling reggae revival by being a co-founder of Dubwise Jamaica, an event series with aims to “reintroduce authentic roots dub reggae music in spaces accessible to a mainstream audience”, Yaadcore curates feel-good atmospheres reminding people of their beginnings. He’s been able to do this alongside reggae revival artist, Protoje, as his touring DJ, and takes it a step further with his new label, 12 Yaad Records, made in partnership with Delicious Vinyl.


Transitioning from DJ-ing to production is a task Yaadcore is taking with ease saying, “Production is always a thing I wanted to do from a long time. DJ-ing is some form of production, especially when it comes to like remixing and so forth… I just always wanted to make some creations from scratch.” Jugglin’ sounds are brought to the forefront in the label’s first record, “Fenke Fenke,” which features artists Kabaka Pyramid and Shanique Marie.

"Fenke, Fenke" has all of the traditional elements of a reggae record with foot-tapping inducing bass guiding the contemporary lyrical stylings of the two featured artists. The riddim that ‘Fenke, Fenke’ is on is a re-work of a friend’s production. Yaadcore shares, “He had the riddim and he had a different song on it and I was really feeling the song so I was like, ‘Yo, I could take this riddim and do something wicked with it and ting.’ I had to make a few changes to it, so it’s not quite the same riddim that he gave me, but his element is still there.”

What should we expect from 12 Yaad? According to Yaadcore, “Feel good music. Music with [a] message, music that makes you feel happy. It’s just a balance of feel-good music with different Jamaican-sounding riddims.” Stay on the lookout for more records from Yaadcore via 12 Yaad Records.

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