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Watch Kanye West Face the Kardashians on 'Family Feud'

'Celebrity Family Feud' featuring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will air June 10.
Queens, US
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4

Kanye West will be on Family Feud and while host Steve Harvey promises he's smiling the whole episode, will that be enough to forget all the comments he's made last month? Probably not. He already declared June his month when he announced what an epic G.O.O.D Music domination rollout with highly anticipated albums such as a collaborative album with Kid Cudi, Nas, Teyana Taylor, and the Chicago native himself. Now, the preview for the Celebrity Family Feud episode featuring The Wests versus the Kardashians has arrived and the episode releases in full on June 10.


The episode was filmed in February and features Kanye, Kim, and his cousins against the gang of Kardashians. In April, Family Feud host Steve Harvey joined The Ellen Show and revealed a little of the backstory on the star-studded episode. The Kardashians were originally set to play against the Hiltons, who cancelled at the last minute when Kanye offered up his family as a replacement. "Kanye was the best celebrity family feud panelist we've ever had," Steve told Ellen. "His people said Steve, this is the most Kanye's ever smiled since we've worked with him."

Seeing Kanye in the hot seat on Family Feud will probably be one of the most intense episodes of the game show we'll ever get. His competitive nature will not allow him to lose, but 30 minutes of smiling Kanye isn't enough to erase his TMZ antics, or his newfound penchant for "free thinking." If anything, seeing him on the show with Steve Harvey, who visited Trump at the same time Kanye did, may rehash the event that started Kanye's self-professed love for Trump in the first place. Sounds like this episode may need a trigger warning.

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