Woman Catches Baseball in Cup, Chugs Beer to Set it Free

Sure, the San Diego Padres lost handily to the Atlanta Braves, but Gabby DiMarco came out the true victor.
June 6, 2018, 1:40pm
Screen capture via Twitter/@973TheFanSD

When the record is set at the end of eternity, Gabby DiMarco will be remembered as a great liberator.

At the San Diego Padres game last night—in which they were walloped 14-1 by the Atlanta Braves, but no matter—a foul ball from Braves outfielder Ender Inciarte skyrocketed into the seats behind home plate. And by some miraculous coincidence, the ball landed squarely in DiMarco's cup.

Being the benevolent emancipator that she is, Gabby knew she couldn't stand by idly and let this baseball drown. Nay, she had to free it from its boozy cage:

Gabby takes us through the full range of emotions. The incredulity, the delight, the second wave of incredulity, the victory, the clear recognition that there's nothing left to do but down this beer, the drunken celebration dance. Here's another angle of the glory:

Gabby, let's just hope that baseball is grateful for your kindly act.