Please Enjoy This Absolute Shitshow of a DJ Set at Tomorrowland

Salvatore Ganacci’s performance found him twerking on stage and shouting into the microphone without even trying to transition between tracks.
Meredith Balkus
translated by Meredith Balkus
Brooklyn, US
Screenshot via Facebook/croatiaclubnews

A version of this article originally appeared on Noisey Germany.

EDM gets a lot of flack. And while we don’t want to encourage any unfound prejudice, we strongly suggest you watch the highlights of Salvatore Ganacci’s performance at the 2018 Tomorrowland Festival. You won't regret it.

The Swedish DJ, who had the honor of playing the main stage of the notorious EDM festival for a full hour this past Saturday, was alarmingly efficient at fulfilling all the clichés that surround the EDM scene—to such an extent that we started to suspect Ganacci might be Sacha Baron Cohen disguised in a blonde wig.

But no, Salvatore Ganacci really exists, and he’s more or less serious about everything he does: the moves, the sounds he blares into the microphone, and even the ignorance of not even pretending he’s transitioning between tracks. If your flavor of entertainment borders on masochistic, this is for you. If nothing else, it’s a small reminder of why Tomorrowland is one of the worst festivals in the world.

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