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Salim Mehajer has Been Caught Stockpiling Drugs in Prison

The former deputy mayor is also accused of pretending to be a police detective in an email to himself.
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU

Australia has no shortage of controversial public servants, but Salim Mehajer’s fast becoming a shoo in for the worst.

This is the guy who—during his three-year tenure as deputy mayor of Auburn, Sydney—closed down an entire street for his wedding, arriving via helicopter and a fleet of luxury sports cars. The same guy who assaulted a taxi driver with an EFTPOS machine outside Star Casino, and subsequently staged a car crash in order to avoid a court date. Mehajer’s been charged over more than 100 electoral fraud offences, 77 of which have since landed him in Cooma Correctional Centre.


Now, poor Salim’s gone and made the “innocent mistake” of stockpiling drugs in prison.

A court heard that Mehajer was caught hoarding a number of medications in his jail cell, including the prescription medicine oxycodone as well as over-the-counter painkillers such as Panadol and Nurofen. Upon being sprung he allegedly told prison officers “it’s not heroin, it’s not cocaine, it’s all OK”, ABC reported. Mehajer later told a court that he “didn’t mean to stockpile medication” and it was “an innocent mistake.”

This isn’t the 32-year-old’s first dalliance with drug offenses. Earlier this year Mehajer was charged with two counts of possessing and one count of supplying a prohibited substance after police found 50 Xanax and 174 Endone and Targin tablets during a raid on his western Sydney mansion.

The court also heard that Mehajer had impersonated Police Detective Sergeant Matthew Taylor in a fake email to himself—only for the real Detective Taylor to discover a copy of it on his phone. Mehajer allegedly used the signature from an email Taylor sent him in 2016 in order to forge the email, which referenced a court matter between the ATO and the Mehajer Brothers company, Fairfax reported.

“Hi Salim,” the fake email begins. “We are not investigating the collision. The accident was given the all-clear by the NRMA.” It later refers to Mehajer’s “perfect tract [sic] record with Mercedes Australia service.”

When the matter of the email was raised in court on Tuesday, Mehajer stated that “I still maintain my innocence for that.”

His application for bail was ultimately denied in light of the findings and the allegations against him. Justice Robert Allan Hulme declared that Mehajer’s “prospect of success is meagre or perhaps non-existent” and that he “has an arrogant disregard for the law.”