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Guess Who Comes Up When You Search 'Idiot' on Google Images

Just guess.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Original photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Type "idiot" into the search bar on Google Images, and you'll find yourself staring at a whole mess of photos of none other than our president, Donald Trump. His esteemed place at the top of the search results is reportedly the handiwork of a few Redditors, who managed to bring pouty Trump, maniacally screaming Trump, and open-mouthed, deer-in-the-headlights Trump to the top of Google. According to the Guardian, they manipulated Google's algorithm by upvoting posts that include a photo of Trump and the word "idiot"—like the barrage of articles about that "American Idiot" protest—and the trick worked.


As the Guardian points out, Google doesn't like to fiddle with its algorithm just because someone figured out how to game it. Which means that, at least until those Redditors get bored, a quick search for "idiot" will continue to turn up gems like this one, a portrait of the president losing control of his carefully coiffed hair helmet:

Or this one, which finds the president in a more pensive attitude, perhaps daydreaming about exterminating the world's sharks, or who he'll decide to pardon next:

Further down the page, the results begin to get increasingly strange, culminating in an image of Trump furiously scowling at an x-ray of a skull with a pile of shit for a brain:

It's a fitting way to troll Trump, a master insult comic who dishes out so many sick burns, his nicknames for his enemies have their own Wikipedia page: "Crazy" Joe Biden, "Low Energy" Jeb Bush, "Lyin'" Ted Cruz—the list goes on. He's faced some retaliation in his unrelenting war of words, from getting called a "dotard" by Kim Jong-un to a "motherfucker" by Spike Lee. Now, it appears, his crusade against the haters and losers of this world might be coming back to bite him.

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