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Trump says the U.K. likes him a lot (aside from the thousands of protesters)

That giant blimp of Trump as a baby is the least of Trump's problems in the UK

Donald Trump has wanted to come to London since he was elected president. Just before setting off on his first official visit on Thursday he even told reporters, "I think they like me a lot in the U.K."

But that was news to the hundreds of people already turned out on the streets to protest the president's visit to the U.K. — and the tens of thousands expected to attend demonstrations in the coming days.

Normally a visiting U.S. president might be expected to address parliament at Westminster. But Trump is staying in London, though his official engagements including a meeting with the Queen — will take place out of the U.K.'s capital. This will help him avoid both the protests and the giant baby Trump blip that's set to fly next to parliament during his visit.

Trump's place of refugee during the trip, Winfield House, resembled a high security prison Thursday with high fences and armed cops surrounding its perimeter as more than 200 protesters stood outside chanting and waving anti-Trump placards.

This segment originally aired July 12, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.