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Sofia Coppola On Teen Girls, Sexual Desire and Her New Film ‘The Beguiled’

Ahead of the release of Coppola’s new southern gothic comedy, she joined us for an episode of VICE Talks Film.
Hannah Ewens
London, GB

No one has captured the pastel world of the trapped, bored and aimless on film like Sofia Coppola.

In this episode of VICE Talks Film, VICE's Hannah Ewens meets the writer and director at Claridge's in West London to discuss her continuing commitment to showing the realistic life of teenage girls onscreen.

In her new southern gothic comedy, 'The Beguiled', starring Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Colin Farrell, a wounded enemy soldier is taken into a tiny all-girls school to recover and becomes the object of interest for all the women in the house. Coppola received Best Director for the film this year at Cannes – the second woman ever to win this prize. We spoke to Coppola about the film, as well as sexual frustration, female communication and the intricate ways in which a woman's desire changes with age.