Delightfully Feculent Animation Sh*ts on 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'

Animator Alexandre Louvenaz’s take on the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition sees a family’s home replaced with a pile of crap. No bull.
June 29, 2017, 2:53pm

Adult Swim is home to, and helps give exposure to, some of the strangest and most messed up animation around. And this delightfully bizarre take on a home makeover show, commissioned for the channel's Etcetera section on their website, is no exception.

It's by animator Alexandre Louvenaz (Read: "A Drive-style 80s Psychedelic Animation For Fancy Mike's 'Miami Vice'") with music and sound design by Thomas Cappeau, and is called Home Makeover. Done in eye-watering bright colors with a 90s style and sheen—Louvenaz grew up in the decade soaking up Windows 95 Duke Nukem 3D, He-Man, GI-Joe, TMNT, Dragon Ball Z—it's a decidedly off-the-wall take on the particular genre of show: the builders who come to help a Sims-like family redo their home, appear to be snake people who arrive inside a fleshy dog truck. They then slither out of the dog-meat car's butt, upset the family, and blow up their house. The house then gets replaced with a literal pile of shit, they're given a swimming pool of poo and their pet dog is turned into actual crap as well.

"It's a satirical and psychedelic version of the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," explains Louvenaz to Creators. "I always had a strange feeling with this TV show, something really weird and fascinating [about it]. For me it's a bit like Pimp My Ride but with people's lives. I don't know if you notice but they put flat screens everywhere, in the kids' bedrooms, in the garage, in the WC, even in the jacuzzi. So I've tried to imagine a 'normal family' who doesn't seem to need help in appearance, but who have a totally shitty and boring life. [So] a dog made of poo is much more fun and unique than an insipid fragile and ostentatious dog breed. No need to take it outside because he's made of his own shit. I am mainly influenced by the 'independent' animation and comics scene, which is much more imaginative, varied, and free than the perception I have of the entertainment media, which I find a bit annoying, bloated, and depriment."

Watch the short below:

See more of Alexandre Louvenaz's work at his website here.


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