CES seems like a goddamn nightmare

Lights out.

Silicon Valley saw the future of tech Wednesday, and it is dark as hell: A power outage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas plunged hundreds of thousands of people attending the conference into darkness, forcing them to go outside and get some fresh air.

CES is the biggest consumer electronics show in the world, where about 184,000 attendees and more than 4,000 exhibitors gather annually to get a glimpse at the year’s most promising technology. But Wednesday afternoon, this is what CES attendees were seeing:


Nor is it the first logistical and mildly biblical disaster CES encountered this week. On Tuesday, Google’s booth flooded, due to unexpected rains in the Vegas desert, according to Business Insider.

While the power was out, brand social media managers took the rare opportunity to crack a couple of jokes:

And I don’t get this one:

But PC Mag does:

The convention organizers, meanwhile, were urging attendees to “get outside on this beautiful Las Vegas day.”