Keanu Reeves's Slow-Mo Strut From Netflix's 'Always Be My Maybe' Is Now a Meme

Keanu is too good for this world.
June 3, 2019, 2:31pm
Always Be My Maybe
Screenshot via Netflix

Keanu Reeves hasn't changed. He's still the same Keanu that was hanging out at the Circle K back in the 80s, and battling the terrors of the LA transit system in the 90s. It is us—the people, the world, the fandom—that has changed. At some point in the past decade or so, everyone has collectively awakened to the majesty of Keanu Reeves. For too long, the man's quiet charms have been misinterpreted as a lack of personality, or his understated acting chops as nothing more than various line readings of "whoa."


Now, the truth is clear: Keanu is a genius actor who can angrily fight motorcycle gangs from atop a horse and then make fun of himself in a breezy rom-com, no problem. His downplayed exterior actually houses a seemingly unending well of knowledge and sagely wisdom. The man once stumped Stephen Colbert to silence with a few words about the nature of death. He is too good for this world.

And now, thanks to a new Twitter account appropriately titled Keanu reeves walking to music, we have one more example of his numerous powers: Namely, the man can saunter in slow-mo to any song ever made and make it look good.

The slow-mo clip in question comes from the scene in Ali Wong and Randall Park's Always Be My Maybe where Keanu strolls into a restaurant to that one song by AWOLNATION. "Sail" is an inspired needle drop, but here's the thing—just about any other song works just as well in its place. Shakira? Yup. Salt N Pepa? Totally. "So Yesterday" by Hillary Duff? Uh, sure, why not?

Just watch:

Thank you for your service, Keanu. We collectively underestimated you for far too long. May we follow your slow, purposeful strut towards a new and better future. Any soundtrack will suffice.