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China’s Richest Man Just Asked Everyone to Have Sex Six Times in Six Days

“At work, we emphasize the spirit of 996. In life, we should follow 669.”
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Chinas richest man wants everyone to have sex six times in six days
Alibaba Group co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma gestures during Alibaba Group's 11.11 Singles' Day global shopping festival in Shanghai, China. Photo: REUTERS/Aly Song

Online retail company Alibaba’s co-founder and China’s richest man Jack Ma not only encourages his employees to work hard, but also wants them to get hard. From the guy who gave us the ‘996 philosophy’ of expecting employees to work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week, comes a newly suggested method for max productivity: the ‘669’ philosophy.

“At work, we emphasize the spirit of 996. In life, we should follow 669. What is 669? Six days, six times, with duration being the key,” he said at a mass wedding held by the company for its employees on May 10, an annual ritual called ‘Ali Day’. The statement also surfaced in an official Alibaba Weibo post and even included a wink emoji.


According to Ma, the key to long-lasting performance, or KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as he calls it, is for everyone to fuck six times in six days to score one major result: babies.

"Marriage is not for the purpose of accumulating wealth, not for buying a house …but for having a baby together”, he reportedly said, even stating that children were the best investment because “everything could be fake” but at least children are the real deal. And he wasn’t kidding.

He’s gathered quite the social media shitstorm for it, with users considering his comments “lewd” and “disgusting” and others even questioning his true intentions.

In a country questioned for removing everything from mosques to PUBG, Ma’s remarks come at a time when everyone in China is being encouraged to come more than ever before. This is because they’re scared their population is ageing rapidly and are worried they’re facing an “unstoppable” drop in a population that is expected to peak at 1.44 billion in 2028. So, they’ve relaxed the one-child policy and are now all about openly encouraging more babies. But the birth rate continues to be on the decline with many couples choosing not to have babies because shit like rising real estate prices and access to good education still matters. So, people are theorising that as the population count goes down, the guy who founded one of the world’s biggest companies wants to deal with it by asking everyone to go down.

So, not only does the Alibaba founder want his employees to go open sesame six times a week after asking them to work for 12 hours everyday, but he somehow also expects them to squeeze a baby into that schedule.

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