We Ask Stoners What Their Favorite Snack Is When They Get the Munchies

Everything tastes good when you're high. But you can't have everything—at least not at once.
Photo by Bryan Sochayseng

In Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, the main characters, Harold andKumar, smoke some weed then find themselves craving for burgers from fast food chain White Castle after catching one of their ads on TV. Their hankering for a certain type of food drives the whole plot. It’s literally the title of the movie.

Getting the munchies is a very powerful feeling. When you smoke marijuana, the cannabinoids tip a part of our brain, the same exact part that controls our appetite, stimulating hunger. This hunger can be borderline insatiable. We can sit our asses down and eat whatever the hell we find in the fridge or the pantry - and we’re still not satisfied.


Plus when you’re high, everything tastes good. If you’re reading this while wiping Cheetos dust off your fingers before you hit the pipe again, good on you. Chips are great. But have you ever wondered what other people crave, specifically when the weed-induced hunger hits? Choosing the food that you want to eat can either be as complicated as the science behind getting the munchies, or it can be very simple based on what you’ve already had in the past.

So we ask stoners what they’re go-to meal is when they’re high. Here’s what they said.

Uncle John’s Fried Chicken from Ministop, a convenience store chain. Uncle John's fried chicken is convenient and tasty. For the price (around $2.50), you get a great amount of meat with really good crunchy chicken skin. It's price for its size is very VERY competitive, or even better than the competition. Consider yourself blessed and if you can, snag a freshly cooked batch cause it's just oozing with all the juiciness fried chicken is supposed to have when you wanna chow down. —Javi, 23


Chicken adobo and garlic rice sandwiched inside a pancake, with a generous amount of maple syrup. —Grace, 26

Grilled cheese sandwiches. it's easy to make and it's delicious as fuck. Get your bread, put butter on both sides, grate some cheese, get your panini maker, and toast to your preference. —Aaron, 21


It will have to beef shawarma rice and kofta balls from Uncle Moe's. Cheap, flavorful, plus i love the taste of Filipino-style shawarma. I always abuse the garlic and chili sauce too. —Lean, 23

I like Tortilla chips and dip. It’s always been a favorite of mine since a kid. The crispy taste of a tortilla chip. Love the ones with a hint of lime. And then some warmed up cheese, mild salsa and guacamole. I would devour it. —George, 30

There’s this burger place called Kaborger’s that I get whenever I can. it’s cheap and the servings are huge. Otherwise I’ll go for some pares (braised beef stew and garlic rice). It has this sweet and salty sauce, and the rice makes it more enjoyable. And you can just scarf it all down since there’s no bones and shit. —Zach, 23