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Coldplay Brought This Fan Onstage and He Crushed the Piano Like a Young God

"I might as well go home now": Watch this 19-year-old German kid dazzle Chris Martin.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Germany.

When Coldplay performed yesterday at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany, the mood may have started to go south for many fans. They'd been forced to wait in front of the stadium in the pouring rain, as admission took forever due to heightened security precautions. Many people had to leave their bags at the gate. When Coldplay took to the stage, some fans hadn't even gotten inside and missed several songs from the beginning of the show.


But then, as if in a dream—or a head full of them—the concert became magical. When Chris Martin switched to play the piano on the round stage in the middle of the audience, 19-year-old Ferdinand Schwartz held up a sign—more of a large, floppy piece of paper, really—that read, "Can I play 'Everglow' for you?"

Martin first asked if the teenager was serious, and then he asked Schwartz to join him onstage. Schwartz fumbled with his cellphone, but the British singer assured him that he didn't need to record the performance because everyone in the audience would be filming it. "You know where it starts, right?" he asked, but he barely got the question out before Schwartz seamlessly played the song's introduction.

"Oh shit, I might as well go home now," Martin, who always plays the track alone, laughed. At first the young pianist seemed keen to gallop away on the keys, but then he and the singer perfectly harmonized, and Shwartz, quite frankly, tore it the fuck down. You have to watch this; it will melt even the coldest of hearts, as it did for 70,000 people in that stadium.

Translated by Meredith Balkus.

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