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Is This the Best Avocado Art on Instagram?

The avocado art craze is in full effect so we compiled some of our favorite artists working with the green fruit.

The internet is losing its collective shit over a photo of a hand-carved avocado, and can you really blame them? Last week, award winning culinary carving designer Daniele Barresi posted one of his edible artworks to Instagram, a halved avocado with an incredible floral mosaic carved into its soft flesh. The pandemonium that ensued revealed the immense potential the avocado has as an artistic medium. Not only are an avocado's innards a vibrant bright green, they have a consistency that can be easily manipulated—not to mention the seed of the avocado, which can used in a variety of ways to further augment an artwork. Needless to say, Barresi isn't the first person to employ the avocado in piece of art. On Instagram you'll find entire accounts devoted exclusively to artist creating work using avocados. Here are a few of our favorites:


Check out more works by Daniele Barresi on his website.


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