Laurence Guy's "Drum Is A Woman" Is Built for Dewy Summer Nights

The London producer's debut album 'Saw You For The First Time' comes out July 16 on Church.
June 9, 2017, 5:32pm
Courtesy of label

Since its inception in 2013, South London label Church has become synonymous with a brand of house built not entirely for springy, hardwood dancefloors, but plush, handmade rugs you'd be wise to shimmy across barefoot. Captained by Seb Wildblood, a producer known for his attention to lazy sax croons and misty pads, they've consistently focused on putting out records that are less about the "oomph" and more about the "mhmm"—a welcome break from the louder avenues of dance music.


Saw You For The First Time, the upcoming debut full-length from Church regular Laurence Guy, fits into the label's aesthetic effortlessly across ten tracks of warm and welcoming grooves. "Drum Is A Woman," a collaboration with UK vocalist and producer Steve Spacek (also known as Beat Spacek), is a sparse and dreamy slice of downtempo layered with quiet clicks and dreary pads. Spacek's repeated phrase "drum is a woman" meets with Guy's piano line towards the song's conclusion, offering the listener a motto and melody that carries on far past its run time. Stream "Drum Is A Woman" below and check out a tracklist for the album, which comes out July 16.

Saw You For The First Time Tracklist A1. Intro
A2. Gone (feat. Contours)
B1. Wichita Falls
B2. Claudi
B3. Anchor (feat. Ishmael)
C1. Saw You For The First Time
C2. Stray
D1. Drum Is A Woman (feat. Steve Spacek)
D2. Orchard Road
D3. WYLB (Bonus)