Your Town Is A Paradise

Send Us Pictures of Your Town for a New Photo Series

“Your Town Is A Paradise” is a look into weird and strangely beautiful spots around Europe and the United States. Now, it’s time for Asia.
singapore night life
A night out in Singapore. Photo by Edoardo Liotta. 

VICE is all about stories that allow our readers to experience events they would have never been exposed to otherwise.

This includes traveling to far-flung places, and local neighbourhoods that can’t be found on any guide book. What is it like to live in Berlin, Athens, or Moscow? Our answer to that is “Your Town Is A Paradise,” a photo series that is all about the beauty and filth of cities around the world.


It first launched in Europe, then in the United States. Now, it’s time for Asia.

gold mile singapore

A random find in Singapore's Gold Mile Complex. Photo by Edoardo Liotta.

Send us photos of your favorite roadside eatery, drunk uncles and aunties singing karaoke, or the rice field you see outside your window. Capture them with your phone, a professional mirrorless, or a hipster disposable camera — whatever you have is cool with us.

Send your submissions to, and we’ll choose ones to publish. Let’s uncover whatever is left unseen in your city.

penang malaysia street art

Street art in Penang, Malaysia. Photo by Therese Reyes.