Vitruvi Makes Diffusing Look Good

Are you ready to begin your aromatherapy journey?

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There’s no panacea for insomnia, anxiety, or writer’s block, but setting your space up for success can help. A little lavender for sleep, a dash of peppermint for focus, or some citrus to get energized can go a long way, and you can harness their power with the right tool.

Vitruvi’s minimalist stone diffuser is easily the best-looking in the category. The small footprint and elegantly curved shape are unobtrusive on a nightstand or desktop, but the matte ceramic is a design win, both sleek and solid at the same time—you’re going to want to display this, not tuck it away.

Underneath Vitruvi’s stone body is a BPA-free plastic water reservoir that’s easy to refill and clean, and on the base are two buttons: one to turn on a little glowing nightlight, and the other to toggle between the three available cycles: on, off, or intermittent. The Vitruvi diffuser feels less like a gadget and more like a part of my bedroom—there’s no remote or app or bright flashing lights, just a gentle puffing of lavender-scented clouds as I get ready for bed. It’s on the smaller side, so the reservoir only really lasts through one full cycle (which I don’t mind, since it means water is rarely sitting in it for longer than a few days), and I can state for the record that it has survived more than one instance of a sleepy flailing arm knocking into it in the night.

Grab one of their small-batch, organic essential oils to go with it and get started on your aromatherapy journey—or, you know, just have a really gorgeous way to make your home smell good.