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The 9 Best Sex Toys to Give (or Receive) in 2019

A touchless stimulator, a stroker designed for trans men, and vibrators of all shapes and sizes.
November 20, 2019, 5:40pm

In the midst of whatever holiday excitement you may be feeling (or not!), it's good to also celebrate more intimate moments with a partner—or on your own. In the spirit of giving and receiving, I’ve rounded up my favorite sex toys of the year that can be enjoyed solo, with others, or both. Pick up a gift that everyone will enjoy this season and well into the new year.

Fun Factory Manta stroker

manta stroker

$140, Babeland

The Manta is hands-down the most innovative new sex toy for people with penises, especially for boosting masturbation or receiving oral sex. The stroker's tip is contoured to grip and encircle the shaft of a penis for a tailored massaging effect, and its lubricant-friendly ridges keep liquid contained to enhance the glide.

Aneros MGX Trident massager

aneros trident

This prostate massager is a necessity if you’re ready to explore deeper sensations for the first time (or whenever, really). The Aneros’ "T" shape fits your or your partners' body with arms that sit along the perineum and an insertable stem for G-spot or prostate stimulation—which is amazing, because sex that accounts for the P-spot can unlock incredible orgasms, even surpassing those that come with straightforward ejaculation.

Unbound Bender vibrator

bender vibrator unbound

$69, Unbound

The updated rerelease of Unbound's popular Bender vibrator is stronger, thicker, and better than ever. The new version features an improved battery life and a stronger motor. The durable seven and a half–inch toy is flexible enough to reach the deepest reaches of your or your partners' G-spot areas, and it can be used flat or bent into a curved shape for internal and external pleasure—whatever you prefer, or, of course, both. It comes in two cute colors—mint green and quartz pink.

CalExotics Packer Gear stroker

This is the ideal toy for transgender men who are looking for a stroker specifically designed to maximize physical pleasure after taking T. The stroker grips and uses suction on your or your partners' genitals. The toy offers maximum genital coverage designed to emulate squeezing and massaging along the lines of masturbation, and it's especially effective with a water-based lube.

Lelo TOR 2 ring

lelo tor

This sophisticated cock ring is a stellar companion toy to elevate the sensations of penetrative sex for everyone involved. It's designed to fit over a dildo, strap-on, or bio penis, making it a great gift for people interested in changing things up without having to learn all new moves or techniques. Its six pleasure settings range from soft vibrations to intense pulsation to benefit both the TOR's wearer and their partners.

Maude vibrator

maude vibrator

Maude’s personal massager is discreet, silky in texture, water-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Given its unique shape—it looks kind of like an expensive cone-shaped paperweight in someone's fancy office—this 100 percent silicone vibrator may have you wondering, How exactly does this work? The answer: exactly like most other vibrators, except stronger than most other vibrators, despite its innocent looks. This toy is especially recommended for travel (and even comes with a travel mode)—the TSA won't know what it is, either. A note: This toy, for all its benefits, should not be used with silicone- or oil-based lubricants, which will degrade the silicone in the toy.

Womanizer touchless stimulator

The Womanizer, which emulates oral stimulation with soft bursts of air against a person's genitals (and especially their clitoris), has been rereleased on its five-year anniversary in a chic white design. A claw shape provides suction and massaging air waves to send targeted sensations directly to your or your partners' most sensitive areas for touch-free pleasure. You can literally sit back and let this waterproof toy do all of the work.

b-Vibe Rimming Petite vibrator

b-vibe rimming petite

The slightly higher-tech toy Petite does double duty to simulate a rim job: Its vibrating head can be inserted anally for prostate or G-spot stimulation, and the rotating beads at the bottom sit against the nerve endings at the base of your or your partners' anus. A remote control allows you or your partners to cycle between five different speeds/intensity levels as you go. Use a water-based lube with it—and feel free to take it into the bath or shower with you.

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies double-ended dildo

Twist, bend, suck—use this double-ended dildo any way that you see fit to enjoy double penetration alone or with your partners. This jelly toy is firm, but soft enough for safe, easy vaginal or anal entry, and its multi-textured 12 inches create wave after wave of excitement as you go—whether you're sharing it with a partner, or one of you is taking it all for yourself.

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