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Watch Scaramucci try to compliment Trump

Scaramucci admits he made a big mistake — and that he's likely to do it again

Anthony Scaramucci isn't shy about the fact that he lasted only 11 days in the White House. Or, that it was a pretty big mistake to say what he did about Steve Bannon to a reporter from The New Yorker. Or, that he'd probably make the same mistake again.

"My entire life has been like a controlled slow-motion car crash," said Scaramucci. "You gotta be like ‘Mahem’ in the Allstate commercials — like what are you going to do? Cry about it? Get up and walk out."

Scaramucci revealed that he gets through his life failures and firings by hoarding skincare, escaping to Italy (Positano, specifically), and watching the movie "Goodfellas" anytime it's on.

"I was out with DiCaprio one night. Leo and I were sitting at Rao's. And I said to Leo, I said, 'Leo, every time this movie's on, I have to watch the movie.' I can be on vacation, like Hawaii, and 'Goodfellas' shows up? I'm watching 'Goodfellas."

He also shared what he'd say to the guy who fired him, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the next time he sees him. "Hey, John. There was no reason to treat me the way you treated me," said Scaramucci. "And you're a bit of an idiot."

This segment originally aired November 19, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.