akashic records reading to predict future
Photo: Anastasia Darsono

I Got Someone To Read My Soul’s Vibrations To Predict My Future

I wasn’t completely on board with the New Age belief of the akashic records but with the tough year I’ve had, I had nothing to lose.

I sat cross-legged across Noel Tuan, a Singapore-based neoshamanic healer who was in my home to help me make sense of my life. We opened the session with a short guided meditation and visualization, in which I was instructed to find a “key to my heart” and unlock a sort of floating library on the upper levels of the sky.

He  asked me to exercise humility, deference, and receptivity. He told me to trust in the “masters, teachers, and loved ones” who would guide me into the records, as well as “lord of the records” who preside supreme over the guardianship of the records. 


He was tapping into the akashic records, a network of universal consciousness — like a metaphysical internet suspended in some kind of ethereal dimension — from which we can, apparently, download information freely. All individual records of all the souls in this universe are believed to be stored in this ‘library.’ It has our past, present, and future.

“All individual records of all the souls in this universe are believed to be stored in this ‘library.’ It has our past, present, and future.”

I had been feeling uninspired and lost for one and half years, since moving to Singapore. Having let go of my journalism career due to complications with work permits and finances, I tried my hand at financial investigation and corporate communication. However, neither of these gave me the same sense of fulfillment and excitement. I did not know what I was doing besides living to pay the bills, and desperately needed insight to figure out my future. 

Then I met Noel, who introduced me to the akashic records. After some back-and-forth, I asked him to do a proper reading. He said that the records does not predict future outcomes that are set in stone but, rather, guides us to possibilities aligned with our highest potential and highest good. People believe the akashic records can be used for a number of different things — making decisions, understanding our next move, finding work, artistic inspiration, healing, and resolving karmic patterns. 

akashic records reading to predict future

​Photo: Anastasia Darsono​​

Noel came over to my house at 6 p.m. These sessions can be done anywhere, as long as it’s a quiet, comfortable space. We set up camp at the corner of my bedroom; I had cleared the space beforehand to remove any dirt and clutter. 

After guiding me through the initial meditation and reciting the opening prayer, Noel focused intently inward with his eyes closed. He had asked me a couple of days earlier to prepare a specific set of questions to ask, so he could extract the answers more efficiently. What is my life’s purpose? What should be my next career move? Is my passion project going anywhere? What about my love life? What is the best investment strategy for me? Noel asked them silently, voicing out the answers after each one. Sometimes he twitched and trembled, as if disturbed by an invisible force. 

“Noel asked them silently, voicing out the answers after each one. Sometimes he twitched and trembled, as if disturbed by an invisible force.”

When we first met, months before my session, Noel talked about how this mythical image of a cosmic library that stores all the records of humans’ souls has permeated our popular consciousness. Humans have been consciously and subconsciously inspired by the presence of this library. 

“Examples in popular culture are the Library of Order in Mortal Kombat. … and then the choice of bookcases as an inter-dimensional platform that bridges the different time periods in the non-linear space movie, Interstellar.”


In some branches of ancient Greek philosophy, paganism, and Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the akashic records may be linked to the concept of universal consciousness. In Western societies, the concept of the akashic records has been around since the 19th century, under the disciplines of theosophy and anthroposophy. Philosophers such as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott, and Rudolf Steiner described the presence of this all-knowing ethereal library, referring to it with different names.

Through the years, a myriad of  philosophers, practitioners, teachers, clairvoyants, spiritual healers, and sages have popularized the akashic records through books and, later on, online. They believe that one can access and interpret the records in many ways, to give them short-term and long-term guidance on almost anything they’d like to know. Noel said that the akashic records escapes definitive human comprehension; we can grasp a few common concepts at best and leave the rest to subjective experiences. No one will ever be able to understand the akashic records completely, not even practitioners and healers who have been working with it for years.

akashic records reading to predict future

​Photo: Anastasia Darsono​​

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about my reading session. I asked Noel about my life’s work and purpose; he answered that I had known what I wanted to do since I was a little girl, which was to become a writer. I had mentioned to him in the past that I have always loved to write, that I felt blocked in my current career and wanted to become a full-time writer. 


“The lords wanted you to know that you should never doubt the child in you,” Noel told me with his eyes still closed. 

He said that I should go on to pursue writing at this point in my life, instead of trying other careers like video production and public relations. He said the money I’d receive would be enough. I asked him about my passion project, a novel I have been writing for a while, and he came back to me with a timeline of completion and format of publication. 

“It will be most likely in 2023 that you will finish. And I envision a published print version of it, not an e-book,” he said.  

“When you finally submit it, it will be in pristine, finished form, not much editing will be required. …The lords tell me that you have to find motivation from inside yourself, instead of finding external validation. Go find a safe space to write weekly, and I am told that a good space for you is not in solitude, but rather a space with some activities and people buzzing about.” 

Though nowhere as shocking as predicting the gender of my firstborn, I was quite intrigued by his specific vision for my novel. I had told him before, in passing, that I was writing a novel, without mentioning at what stage I was at. When he came back with an estimated timeline, I thought that this was aligned with my expectations. He was also spot-on in visualizing the format I desired the most. It was also true that I had been meaning to find nice cafes or restaurants to write at, as I had been feeling suffocated working from home. 


I also asked Noel about my stocks and my love life, but he came back with answers that were so obvious, they might as well have come from a counselor. 

“The records told me to invest in stable, dividend-paying assets instead of risky ones, as you don’t have the right mental attitude to handle big fluctuations,” he said. “The records told me you have not experienced true love in your life. You need to find someone who loves you thoroughly, who accepts you as who you are. Please don’t focus so much on sexual compatibility, please find, first and foremost, a mental and emotional compatibility.” 

I wondered whether I should have employed a reader who was not also a friend. My interaction and conversations with Noel might have given him enough clues to configure suitable answers for me. 

I met him at a party hosted by someone in my circle of Singaporean and expat friends who are into a “mindful lifestyle.” We were sitting by the pool when he told me that he was a spiritual healer. I liked Noel’s disposition right off the bat — friendly, humble, and open. Not only that, there was something about his energy that was clear and light; he seemed to exude a kind of pure glow around him. 

Noel was a successful investment banker, dancer, and competitive athlete. He was engaged to a beautiful girl, owned several businesses, and climbed the corporate ladder very quickly. In all appearances, he exemplified the life of a successful Singaporean man, yet he felt empty and depleted. His soul was yearning for something else. In 2014, he came across akashic records teacher Ernesto Ortiz and suddenly felt connected to home, to his childhood essence. Noel used to be a sensitive kid, one with an active imagination who could “communicate with the spirits.” He felt once again that he could do this, a skill he had blocked while pursuing goals society had imposed on him. 


He eventually broke off his engagement (his ex-fiancé would later go on to do spiritual work herself), left his career, and started traveling. He took lessons and immersive programs, and transitioned to become a full-time spiritual healer. 

akashic records reading to predict future

​Photo: Anastasia Darsono​​

After exhausting all my questions, Noel proceeded to take a tarot card from a deck he carried.

“There are many tools and ways that could channel the record, for example, tarot cards, crystal, and pendulum. I happen to be called to use tarot cards,” he told me. 

The card he pulled, “We Are One,” depicted a chain of stick figures holding hands around the Earth. Noel said this card means that I have to remember that I’m connected to everyone in the universe and that I will never be alone. Again, another fairly generic concept that could have come from any religious teaching. The session ended with Noel burning sage. 

I was skeptical but also oddly light-headed, like my feet were not touching the ground. My thoughts swirled in my head like a nebulous cloud and I could not recall details of what just happened. I didn’t even answer Noel when he asked where we were headed for dinner. He told me to drink some water and walk around to ground myself. Apparently, it is common to feel out of place after accessing the akashic records, and explorers need to find ways to ground themselves after. I had also spent the day before the reading wakesurfing under a scorching sun, so it could have also been physical exhaustion and not an outer-body experience. Still, there was a general sense of calm, which might have been induced by our initial opening meditation and my brain registering that I was engaging in a sacred ritual. 

akashic records reading to predict future

​Photo: Anastasia Darsono​​

Over a vegetarian dinner, Noel told me more about the akashic records. 

“Different people receive differently — some might hear voices, some get clear insights, some see visuals as if movies are playing in their mind’s eyes,” he said. “The record is dynamic. Every intention, action, words, and thoughts of every soul in the universe — seen and unseen — has the capacity to shape and influence the record. The record never imposes on your free will, so whatever you do will alter the guidance of your record. Your record will guide you to realize your highest truth or your highest potential in relation to all the souls connected to you at any point in time, but nothing is ever set in stone. So remember, accessing the akashic record is not the same as fortune telling or clairvoyance.”

“Different people receive differently — some might hear voices, some get clear insights, some see visuals as if movies are playing in their mind’s eyes.”

Whereas fortune telling gives you predictive outcomes, reading the akashic records gives you an outline of an outcome that is most aligned with your highest good, in relation to every other soul in the universe. Still, Noel shared with me some instances where readings were scarily accurate. He once predicted that his client would meet a man and have two children in two years, and the woman came back to him, two years later, with news of a relationship with a single father of two. 

I started reading more about the akashic records the day after our session. Apparently, we can all access the records without a guide, we just need to meditate and recite prayers to raise our vibration. Many teachers noted that we actually access the records on a daily basis, like when we rely on our intuition, but intuition is just a drop in the ocean of the akashic records. Intuition gives us a more internal, myopic view of a particular condition in time and space, affected by our sensory experiences and internal processing. Meanwhile, akashic records reading provides a bird’s-eye view of our place in the ecosystem of souls and how we can contribute to the highest good of everyone else. 

To access the records, there needs to be trust. Teachers say that the more we trust, the more we raise our vibration to receive answers. The more we work with the light of the akashic records, the more frequently and quickly the light will channel through us. While everyone, in theory, should be able to access the records, our receptivity is key to determining whether we are worthy candidates. 

I’m still not sure if I’m 100 percent on board with all this. Are all practitioners just benefiting from a collective placebo effect? I may never know. But, whatever the answer is, I have to admit that I’ve gotten my life together since my session with Noel. I now have a better idea of how I’ll pursue a career as a freelance writer, something I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I’ve also secured projects I’ve always wanted, to my surprise. Would I have dared to take the concrete steps to realize my childhood dream had I not been encouraged by the records reading? I really can’t say. But I’m excited to try it again.