Weekly Horoscope: June 14 - 21

Cancer season begins!
June 14, 2021, 4:04pm

At 6:00 PM on Monday, June 14, Uranus clashes with Saturn again this year, one of the signatures of 2021. This is a fight between the law and eccentric or rebellious people; there is something out of control, and something trying to contain unstable forces. Saturn is currently retrograde, so the rules are relaxed, or there is a delay to them, but there’s a strong legal reaction to something out of control. Think back to Valentine’s Day to see where the story began!


On Sunday, June 20, lucky Jupiter, the planet of growth and philosophy, begins its retrograde at 11:04 PM. Jupiter in Pisces has been a lucky, expansive time, but now that Jupiter is moving back toward a new sign, there will be some second thoughts to our freedoms, distant travels, and big ideas.

Cancer season begins on Sunday, June 20, at 11:32 PM. This is the summer solstice: the longest day of the year! Cancer is a sign that can make itself at home wherever it goes, and always shows up to a beach day with a bag full of first aid kids, sun protection, extra snacks, and things you didn’t realize you might need later. Cancer takes authority through care.

All times ET.


Through the support of your community, you’re able to contain any financial surprises as Saturn, the planet of boundaries, clashes with unwieldy Uranus! You have friends in high places and a team that has your back. While energy is a little tense and unsettling, you should take comfort in knowing that your friends will protect you. Jupiter, the planet of growth, has given you a lot of psychic protection. As it begins its retrograde, take the time to consider the ways you have grown and developed, spiritually, since mid-May. The sun enters a private, domestic sector of your chart, giving you some time to chill, recharge, and focus on things at home for the coming weeks.


Your need to break out and do your own thing is being met with some restrictions. This leads to change as Saturn, the planet of law, clashes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. This is part of your 2021 story—think back to Valentine’s Day for clues. Jupiter in Pisces brought you more optimism about the future as your objectives, hopes, and dreams, have gotten a lot bigger and more inspired. Now that Jupiter begins its retrograde, it’s time to pause and reflect on the direction you’re headed. Gemini season connected you to your possessions, but Cancer season will bring your focus to the people that you share those things with: your neighbors, siblings, roommates, and colleagues. The sun in your house of communication has you busy reading, writing, and commuting for the coming weeks.


The things that you believe in and standards that you uphold are being shocked and reinvented as institutional Saturn clashes with rebellious Uranus. This is a theme of the year. You’re coming up with new world views as what you thought you knew is tested. Jupiter, the planet of growth, brought upgrades in your career since mid-May and now that it begins its retrograde, you’re reflecting on the direction that everything is headed. There are more opportunities than you can feasibly take on, and things are starting to slow down now. The pace gets steadier as the sun leaves your sign, too. Things stop being so much about the initiatives you’re taking, and more about how you’re going to fund them!


The tensions between order and unpredictability this year have stirred up change or activity in your politics. This could have rocked the boat at work regarding the way things are funded, as the belt is tightened. As unpredictable Uranus clashes with strict Saturn for the second time this year, things are ramping up again. Jupiter in Pisces has given you a broad survey of what you believe in and how you want to share your ideas with the world, but as it begins its retrograde, you’re starting to slow down and reflect on the direction you’re heading. The sun enters your sign, bringing you back in the room after a brief period of rest and recharging. Now is the time to put your spirits first, and to take care of you more than usual, especially since you’ve been helping other people a lot over the past month.


Other people have their rules, but it’s a wild world. Saturn clashes with unpredictable Uranus, creating tension between erratic change and tradition. The rules are being broken and something innovative and new is begging to happen. You’re finding ways to transgress and create a new path. Take time to reflect on what other people have shared with you, taking inventory of all that you have to be grateful for as generous Jupiter begins its retrograde in your house of shared resources. Your partners offer ideas and inspiration. As the summer season begins, you’re ready to be by yourself, resting in the sun, with your phone off. Take time to catch up on what you need and recharge.


There is tension between unexpected things happening in the distance and the plans that you thought were set in stone. There needs to be space created in order to protect your job, health, and general daily schedule, from risks and accidents. As Uranus clashes with Saturn, you’re continuing to hammer away at something in order to have better, more future-minded structures in place. Jupiter, the planet of growth, has been blessing your relationships and now it begins its retrograde, asking you to reflect on how far you have come with your partners. The sun enters Cancer, relieving some of the career pressure you’ve been feeling and asking that you connect with your friends and community. Remember your hopes and dreams—not the ones that you think you should have.


There is some unpredictability in your friendships and flings that compel you to lay down the law as Saturn clashes with Uranus, the planet of surprises. You have high standards for your social life and you’re trying to bring order to something that is actually out of your reach, taking you to new and exciting ways of relating. Jupiter has brought growth to your job and health, and as it begins its retrograde, it asks that you look at all the new undertakings you’ve brought into your daily life since mid-May. You’ve been looking out into the distance, and now it’s time to perform as the sun moves into your house of fame and career. You’re getting attention for your accomplishments, and your time in the sun!


Relationships have been a source of excitement and unpredictability, but you’re trying to keep the peace as Saturn, the planet of structures, clashes with unwieldy Uranus. You have some standards that you’re asking other people to respect, creating new paths for the future, which is placed strongly in your mind. Lucky Jupiter has brought a lot of fun, creativity, and flirtation into your life since mid-May, and now it’s time to reflect on the growth that’s occurred. Gemini season brought you transformation and speculation, and now that the sun moves into fellow water sign Cancer, you’re looking out to broader horizons and thinking about how to fill those gaps.


As Saturn, the planet of certifications and rules, clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, there is a lot of red tape set down to outline something that is out of control, or simply the chaos of nature. Your planetary ruler Jupiter has been in its home sign, bringing you gifts and luck on the home and family front. As Jupiter begins its retrograde, the growth starts to slow down—take this time to rest and reflect. Gemini season brought a lot of activity to your partnerships and partner’s lives, and the beginning of summer demands that they prove themselves to you! Are these connections as serious as you’re taking them?


This year brings you a lot of new innovation in self expression as experimental Uranus clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn. There are some doubts and insecurities holding you back from going totally wild, and some cracks breaking through as you find new ways of being creative and caring. The planet of growth, Jupiter, begins its retrograde, asking you to read back on all the writing you’ve encountered since mid-May. This can mean a review of contracts or research. Gemini season had you focused on work and health, but now that you’ve got all that busy work out of the way, you have more time for other people. Cancer season puts your relationships in the foreground!


You’re working hard to contain and control things that are completely unpredictable and chaotic. There is more tension between between your sense of stability and the unexpected, leading you to create new ways to manage risks for a more stable future as your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, clashes with your modern planetary ruler, Uranus. This is a pressure cooker for ingenuity! Jupiter, the planet of growth, has brought you a lot of gifts and financial resources, and as it begins its retrograde, it asks you to take inventory. Gemini season was a lot of fun, but now that the summer is beginning, you’re looking at your health and career. It’s time to care about your lifestyle and give your chores some attention.


There is a lot on your mind as Saturn, the planet of structures, clashes with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected! You’re coming up with new ideas that are generated from a need for security and privacy. Your planetary ruler Jupiter has brought you opportunities for personal growth, and this is a time to have a lot of faith in yourself. As Jupiter begins its retrograde, you’re taking a break and paying attention to the ways you’ve grown since mid-May. The sun enters fellow water sign Cancer, bringing you fun, creativity, and flirtation—indulge and enjoy, Pisces! You can start to discover new ways of self-expression and have realizations about your sexuality, too.

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