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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Yup, Still Not Dating After All These Years

Plus, Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader also make their debut as a couple, and Kaia Gerber is still with Pete Davidson and her parents are not happy about it.
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Dozens of celebrities walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but the tabloids were only concerned with one golden ex-couple: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. As soon as it was announced that the former spouses were both nominated for acting awards, Us Weekly, People, and the rest of them started a breathless countdown until their red-carpet reunion. Would they smile at each other? Hug? KISS???? Well. Unfortunately for the tabloid industry, they did not even stand next to each other for one second. Our great hopes for a Brad and Jen romance in 2020 have been dashed once again.


According to TMZ, Pitt and Aniston did speak to each other, briefly, at an after-party, but no one took a picture of it, and by the way, they are just friends. And also, Pitt is really single. He underlined that point in his acceptance speech, when he won a Best Supporting Actor trophy for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. "I wanted to bring my mom but I couldn't, because anyone I stand next to, they say I'm dating," he said. (This fall, Pitt stood next to the actress Alia Shawkat on several occasions, but according to sources close to Pitt, they are JUST FRIENDS.)

So, Pitt and Aniston are not getting back together. Are they getting together with anyone else?

Just before the Globes, The Sun suggested that Aniston might have a new boyfriend. The British tabloid published photos of her walking along the beach in Tulum with a man named Will Speck. According to The Sun, Speck joined Aniston on a New Year's vacation with her close friends Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman, and their wives and children.

Since the photos were released, however, none of the major American tabloids have picked up the story, which leads me to believe there isn't one. Also, in all the available photos of Speck on Getty.com, he is wearing a wedding ring. That said, I looked up some information about him, in case you are interested. If I was doing one of those Heavy.com “5 things to know about this person you don't know” articles, the first thing I would note about this guy is that he came up with the idea for the Geico Gecko. It says so on his website! Technically, he developed the iconic advertising campaign with his directing partner Josh Gordon, but Gordon was not on the beach in Tulum, so you don't need to worry about remembering who he is beyond this sentence.


Other things to know about Speck: He directed Aniston and Bateman in both The Switch (2010) and Office Christmas Party (2016). He seems nice, and I think we probably won't hear about him again. Which leaves the tabloids plenty of room to keep talking about a potential second wedding for Pitt and Aniston. ( InTouch put the couple on the cover Wednesday, suggesting that Pitt actually proposed to Aniston at the Globes with a $1.2 million diamond. One can dream.)


Meanwhile, Pitt's beloved co-star Leo DiCaprio once again declined to bring his 22-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone as his date to the awards. Instead, she met him at the Netflix party after the show. According to Us Weekly, Morrone “grabbed the Revenant actor by the face and gave him a big kiss” upon arrival. The tabloid also noted that the couple looked “so in love.” For the record, this is the same outlet that has been reporting that DiCaprio is ready to get married and have babies with Morrone for the last year and a half.


Here's something I like a lot: Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson are dating. They were first photographed together in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just before Christmas, where they were apparently visiting Hader's family. Then, on New Year's Eve, they were spotted buying multiple kinds of seltzer at Ralphs. And then they officially confirmed their relationship by attending the Globes together.


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How did this happen? We know that Hader, 41, and Bilson, 38, have known each other since at least 2013, when they starred in The To-Do List together. The movie was written and directed by Hader's then-wife, Maggie Carey. Weird? Perhaps. But the odds that Hader and Bilson's relationship started as some kind of affair seem low to me. Hader and Carey separated in July of 2017, and Bilson left her longtime partner Hayden Christensen in September 2017, and Hader and Bilson only started getting photographed together at the end of this year.


According to InStyle editor Laura Brown, Hader and Bilson "met"—or reconnected—at the InStyle Awards in October.

Bilson was last rumored to be dating The Bachelor's Nick Viall, who also attended the Globes, for some reason. Seems like everyone is happy.


Finally, I'll leave you with some drama. According to Page Six, Kate Beckinsale might be dating Pete Davidson's best friend. As I'm sure you'll recall, Beckinsale and Pete dated and made out at Rangers games for a few months last year after meeting at—guess what—the Golden Globes. Well, this year, Davidson was not in attendance, and Beckinsale was photographed leaving a party at the Chateau Marmont with his friend, Machine Gun Kelly. Oh no.

For her part, Beckinsale is denying that anything happened. On Instagram yesterday, she responded to a commenter asking about Machine Gun Kelly with the following: “why don't you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wildfires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a fucking life.”

A classic celebrity deflection.

Davidson, meanwhile, has his own relationship drama. By all accounts, he is still dating 18-year-old model Kaia Gerber, but her parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, are not happy about it. If you missed it over the holidays, please watch this video of Rande Gerber having a wild-eyed discussion with Crawford outside Kaia's apartment. Something is not right.

And okay, okay, one last thing: I want to direct your attention to one particular sentence from Us Weekly's report on Amazon's Globes after-party. It's this: “ Orlando Bloom was seen dancing to Lil Jon's ‘Snap Yo Fingers,' naturally snapping his fingers along to the track.”

This is exactly what I wanted to know about Orlando Bloom's behavior at parties—thank you, Us Weekly. Meanwhile, Bloom's fiance Katy Perry was spotted having dinner with Michael Bloomberg at the Beverly Wilshire this week. I cannot wait to see how all of this plays out in 2020.