School Bus Evacuated Due to Overwhelming Smell of Axe Body Spray

Fifteen students were treated for "mild respiratory irritation," but all of them declined transport to a nearby hospital.
axe body spray in store

Axe, the official body spray of men who have a favorite hockey fight, currently advertises its range of products under the tagline "Find Your Magic." But apparently one person's magic can be another person's health hazard.

According to WFTS, a school bus carrying 30 students from Buffalo Creek Middle School in Manatee County, Florida had to be evacuated because one of them went in hard on the Axe spray.


The bus pulled over at an intersection, and both the Parrish Fire District and Manatee County Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene. Fifteen students were treated for "mild respiratory irritation," but all of them declined transport to a nearby hospital.

"At this time, the incident is being ruled a prank, as a deodorant / aerosol body spray was discharged on the bus," the Parrish Fire District posted on Facebook. "This is still a [sic] active on-going Investigaion [sic] in which bus cameras will be reviewed and further interviews conducted."

A second bus soon arrived and took the students to a local high school where their parents or guardians could pick them up. (We have no idea what happened to the first one, although there's a good chance it's at a bar repeatedly jukeboxing "The Boys Are Back in Town" and asking how much Kohl's cash it would take to get a blowjob.)

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first Axe-gone-wrong that has taken place on a school bus. In May, a substitute bus driver in Sylvania Township, Ohio, pulled over because the students onboard were spraying Axe and throwing the can around the bus.

The Toledo Blade reports that, while the bus was stopped, Stephen Roshong approached the vehicle, banged on the door, yelled at the driver, and told his son to leave through the rear emergency exit door. Twenty-five other students also got off the bus, causing what one Sylvania Township police officer described as both a "safety risk" and "total chaos." (Roshong ultimately faced a felony charge of disrupting public services, and misdemeanor charges of unlawful restraint and menacing for his response to the situation.)

And in March, a South Carolina man allegedly sprayed Axe into his mouth in a cursed attempt to convince police officers that he wasn't driving under the influence. Efren Mencia-Ramirez was stopped on I-85 North, after he was seen speeding and swerving into other lanes.

An officer looked in Mencia-Ramirez's window and noticed 11 empties in the floorboard and an open bottle of beer between the man's legs. That same officer said he also saw Mencia-Ramerez give his mouth a blast of Axe—but that wasn't enough to keep him from being charged with DUI, an open container, no proof of insurance and driving without a license.

A lot of this Axe-driven magic-finding… kind of sucks.