Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, January 2022

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Cancer!
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Capricorn is brightly illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, finding you making new connections, bonding with established partners, and learning more about others’ point of view. Capricorn season is a highly social time of year for you, dear Cancer!

Unexpected meetings and surprising ideas can be shared on January 1 as the sun mingles with electric Uranus in Taurus. This is an exciting time in your social life, and you may meet some cool, innovative, and possibly eccentric people! Communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius on January 2, kicking up conversations about money, especially issues like debts, taxes, inheritances, and resources you share with other people.


Plans and agreements are reconsidered later this month as Mercury begins its retrograde! Now is the time to brainstorm and explore, and more details will surface later. The new moon in Capricorn is on January 2, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your relationships! A fresh start is here: You may be connecting with someone new and forming a new bond, or you and an established partner may be turning a new leaf, connecting on an even deeper level! 

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn nearly all month, finding you reconsidering your values and desires in relationships. Venus retrograde connects with dreamy Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces on January 5, inspiring an atmosphere of understanding and generosity. A deep, meaningful conversation with a partner can take place at this time. An important realization about your wants and desires arrives as the sun meets Venus retrograde on January 8. A connection, or reconnection, can form with someone special. The sun connects with Neptune on January 10, boosting your already strong intuition, and finding you connecting with a partner on a spiritual level.

Mars in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on January 11—scheduling issues may pop up! Keep your plans flexible. Details might get lost or confused. Laziness, or even lies, may add more trouble to the mix. Travel frustrations (especially if you’re not carefully organized), miscommunications, and delays pop up as Mercury retrograde begins in Aquarius on January 14. Getting financially organized is a major theme at this time, but astrologers advise against signing contracts, making big purchases, or signing important agreements during Mercury retrograde as the terms may change or new information might arise! 


The sun meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 15, finding you connecting with someone powerful and well-connected! A big transformation is taking place in your relationships, but sensitive issues may come to the fore. This is an important time to reflect on issues like control and power, and how they manifest in your partnerships.

The full moon in your sign, Cancer, takes place on January 17, stirring up deep emotions. Capricorn season finds us taking a cool, practical approach to things, but if we’ve been ignoring our emotions, they’ll likely surface in a big way during this full moon. This is a powerful time to express yourself! Again, a big shift may be taking place in your partnerships, especially as you connect with what’s truly important to you. You might find that you’ve outgrown an old state of being in relationships, and that you’re ready to connect with people in a new way. 

Uranus ends its retrograde in Taurus on January 18, kicking up some unexpected drama in your social life! The sun enters Aquarius January 19, finding you focused on financial matters, and an important realization about money can take place as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on January 23. Mars enters Capricorn on January 24, revving up the relationship sector of your chart! Things may be heating up in your love life.

As Mars moves through your opposite sign, you’re connecting with some energetic and passionate people. Mercury re-enters Capricorn while on its retrograde journey on January 24, kicking up communication in your partnerships. This is a fantastic time to learn more about other people’s points of view, and deep conversations will likely take place as Mercury meets Pluto January 28.

Venus ends its retrograde in Capricorn on January 29, finding you moving forward with all the valuable lessons you’ve learned about relationships over the last few weeks. Things feel much more easygoing at this time in your partnerships, but unexpected drama could be stirred up in your social life as the sun squares off with Uranus on January 30. Smothering friendships or collaborations may find you looking for a way out! 

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in February!