Hackers Provide Livestream of Dozens of Cameras Inside Russia

The hackers plastered "Putin is killing children" and other messages across the feeds.
CCTV camera
Image: Motherboard.
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Hackers claiming affiliation with the hacking collective Anonymous have taken dozens of CCTV cameras seemingly located inside Russia and displayed the message "Putin is killing children” and other messages over them. The hackers have also created a website containing live feeds of these security cameras called “Behind Enemy Lines.”

“352 Ukraine civilians dead. Russians lied to Slava Ukraini! Hacked by Anonymous,” the message displayed on the feeds says. is another site posting information about Russian soldiers in Ukraine.


The site is yet another example of the flurry of hacktivism activity around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


One of the camera feeds. Image: Motherboard.

At the time of writing, the CCTV site is broadcasting 86 distinct camera feeds. The hackers have sorted them into various categories such as “inside,” “outside,” “restaurants,” “offices,” and “schools.”

Motherboard viewed various of the camera feeds and determined that at least some of them are almost certainly in Russia. Throughout the alleged CCTV feeds, Motherboard viewed one of a convenience store that included a Russian sign that read “Happy Easter,” suggesting that the feed was, at minimum, either live or taken around this time in the year. Another appeared to be located in the Siberian region of Tyumen.


One of the camera feeds. Image: Motherboard.

“After some consideration, we've decided to take down the house cams out of respect for the privacy of the Russian civilians. We hope you understand,” the “houses” section of the website reads.

One of the self-described Anonymous Twitter handles mentioned on the website did not immediately respond to a request for comment on how they gained access to these feeds, be that through a computer search engine such as Shodan or some other method.

Greg Walters contributed reporting.