Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, December 2021

Welcome to Sagittarius season, dear Pisces! 
Sagittarius and Capricorn
Robin Eisenberg

This is an exciting time of year to stand in the public eye, dear Pisces! Achievements in your career are taking place, or you might have your sights set on an exciting new goal!

Sagittarius season isn’t just about fame and success, though: Your ruling planet Neptune ends its retrograde in your sign on December 1, urging you to slow down. Neptune is the planet of escape, so if you’ve been working too hard, let your mind wander and take a break from your busy schedule. This is a powerful moment to connect with your spiritual practice, meditate, and listen to your inner voice. Avoid making important decisions at this time and make space to create or enjoy art, to wander, and to step back from high pressure situations.


A solar eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on December 4, marking the beginning of a radical new start in your career or your life in the public eye. Eclipses have a fated feeling about them, so whatever takes place at this time may seem like destiny—if you believe in that sort of thing, of course! The zodiac sign Sagittarius has a reputation for being a party animal, but there’s also a very studious, philosophical side to this fire sign. Something you have been studying or preparing may lead you to a new path in your career at this point in your life.

Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio connects with Pluto in Capricorn on December 6, finding you connecting with some energetic and influential people. Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on December 7, and you’re dealing with misunderstandings or maybe a fibber. It’s not a great time to discuss details, so save important conversations for another day. 

Mars squares off with your ruling planet Jupiter, currently in Aquarius, on December 8, bringing a busy and competitive atmosphere—it would be wise to take a measured approach to things and prioritize rest. This is likely to be a very mentally active moment, too, so don’t risk over-extending yourself by adding too much to your to-do list. Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn on December 11, making it an exciting day in your social life as you may connect with powerful people! Emotionally, you’re re-prioritizing and exploring your values, doing some deep soul searching about your expectations for your future. Also on December 11, Mercury connects with Jupiter, inspiring open communication and optimism. 


Sagittarius season is so much about success and being the center of attention, but you might want to step away from bright lights as the sun squares off with Neptune on December 12. Some insecurities can flare up at this time, so find ways to stay grounded and focus on your relationships that bring you joy. Spend time with someone you think is hilarious. The mood may be emotional, so you might as well laugh!

You could feel confused about something going on at work or in your career, so make time to connect with your inner voice, and be sure that the decisions you make are based on what you think is best for you, not what other people want. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13, energizing your career sector; an exciting achievement may be won or you could be embarking on an exciting new career path. Also on December 13, Mercury enters Capricorn, boosting your popularity…it’s an exciting time to network with people and connect with groups or communities that share your hobbies and interests!

The full moon in Gemini arrives on December 18, bringing your focus to home and family: This is a big emotional shift, considering how much you’ve been focused on your professional goals and achievements. This full moon brings a culmination to a situation that’s been brewing in your home or living situation, with your family or roommates, or involving your personal life. Emotions—especially about the past—come to the surface, and mental and emotional clarity is reached.


Venus retrograde begins in Capricorn on December 19, finding you reflecting on the values you hold in friendships. You love being surrounded by people who are building something, whether it’s a music scene, a community, or a political or social goal. Your friends work hard and play hard—but with Venus retrograde, you’re wondering whether you feel valued in your communities, or whether the people you’re engaging with hold the same values as you. You’re also thinking about money, reflecting on whether you feel like your work is truly valued and appreciated. Venus is also the planet of love, and at this time, you’re reflecting on the intellectual connection you share with your partners. Have you met their friends? Have they met yours? You’re wondering how your partner fits into your community, and how you fit into theirs. 

Also on December 19, the sun mingles with lucky Jupiter, inspiring an open-hearted, optimistic atmosphere, and some unexpected news or a eureka moment arrive on December 20 as Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus. You can connect with someone surprising or have a chance meeting.

The sun enters Capricorn on December 21, and while Sagittarius season found you reaping the rewards of your hard work, Capricorn season finds you celebrating those successes! This is a highly social time of year for you, and with Venus retrograde in this sign, you’re reconsidering who you want to associate with. Your life is heavy with changes, especially as Saturn squares off with Uranus for the third and final time this year on December 24, until 2043! This is a powerful time to work things out in therapy or have constructive conversations that transform your outlook. A turning point with a sibling may be reached, or important changes could be taking place in your neighborhood.

Venus retrograde meets Pluto on December 25, finding you deeply reflecting on what you truly desire. Mercury and Neptune connect on December 26, helping you connect with your intuition, and Jupiter enters your sign on December 28, inspiring an expansive and adventurous atmosphere.

You’re feeling like yourself as your ruling planet Jupiter enters your sign, dear Pisces! You’re taking a broad look at things and feeling open to new possibilities. Mercury and Venus retrograde meet on December 29, which could find you reconnecting with old friends, and Mars also connects with Saturn, bringing a focused and hardworking energy. Mercury meets Pluto on December 30, finding you sharing secrets or accessing valuable information.

Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in 2022!