Suing Spam Texters for Fun and Profit

An interview with David Weekly, the man who sued a spam texter for $1,200 and won.
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We all get them. We all hate them. Spam. There was a time, long ago, when it was just your mailbox and your inbox that got hit with superfluous ads and scams. But now? My phone rings all day long and all of the calls are spam. All of them. If you’re not on my contact list, I’m not picking up. And the texts have gotten much much worse. Everyday is a new offering and every ping is spam.

Did you know that most of that spam is actually illegal and that you, yes you, can sue the companies sending it out and make a few hundred bucks. On this episode of Cyber we sit down with a man who did just that. David Weekly sued a spam texter and got $1,200. Here’s how he did it.


Stories discussed in this episode:

This Guy Sued a Spam Texter and Got $1,200 (and You Can Too)

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