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Caraway’s New Food Storage Set Makes Even Leftovers Look Good

The cult fave cookware label's first clutter-free Storage Set has us cooking extra servings of our linguine alle vongole.
Caraway’s New Food Storage Set Makes Even Leftovers Look Good
Photo courtesy of Caraway

If you’re a regular around these parts, you’re likely already locked in when it comes to Caraway. We’ve fallen eggs over heels for its shakshuka-friendly nonstick fry pans and other cookware, which have secured a place in our kitchen thanks to their attractive-yet-practical designs. Thankfully, after inspiring us to overhaul our pile of scratched-up pots and pans, Caraway’s done it again—this time touching up the Tupperware drawer.


Don’t get us wrong; we want to thank the five-year-old IKEA storage containers and hodgepodge of MacGyvered plastic bins (shouts to Hillshire Farms) from grocery hauls gone by, but that rogue gallery of decaying plastic has no business holding our leftovers. Caraway’s new plastic storage set is ready to step up to the plate… well, literally.

The Caraway Food Storage Set—a massive 14-piece collection—is built upon nontoxic ceramic-coated glass containers, all of which are free of BPA, PTFEs & PFA (basically, synthetic and toxic plastics and other materials that you don’t want to put near stuff you put in your mouth). Designed in a Japanese bento-box shape, the large containers close up courtesy of sealed glass lids (so you can stare down the offerings of your fridge while leaving the door wide open—no judgment, we all do it), with the smaller Dot and Dash inserts fitting snugly inside the larger containers to store accompanying sides and sauces.

$305$245 at Caraway

$305$245 at Caraway

In true Caraway fashion, this isn’t just an artful and organized way to store your food; the brand has also made it supremely easy to avoid turning your new storage set into even more clutter, courtesy of the complementary storage set containers.

With Thanksgiving damn near our doorsteps, this might be the best kit to keep on deck to keep track of all the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes (ay!) and other holiday favorites. These also might be the best way to exorcize Thanksgiving leftovers from your house (as long as your friends and family swear to bring the containers back)

The Food Storage Set can be purchased at Caraway.

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