The Thin Line Between Thoughtful On-Ramp and Annoying Tutorial

Possibly the hardest part of making a sequel is onboarding new players while keeping things interesting for series veterans.
January 25, 2021, 2:00pm
Image courtesy of IO Interactive

The best tutorials blend seamlessly into the game they’re teaching, allowing the player the space to learn without being overly didactic or patronizing. In Hitman 3 each new location has what could be considered a tutorial story mission that will essentially lead the player through a complete run, allowing them to learn the lay of the land for future runs and challenges. But with a franchise that’s as storied as Hitman, it’s entirely probable that any strict direction will chafe with fans that have been with the franchise for a long time. We have special guest Cameron Kunzleman on this episode of Waypoint Radio to discuss all the new mechanics and narrative ups and downs of Hitman 3. 

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