A Pizza the Size of a Desk, and Other Restaurant Rivalry Stories

We read listener emails about bad bosses, giant pizzas, and restaurant rivalries on this special labor day episode.
September 9, 2020, 1:00pm
Box art for Pizza Tycoon, a man wearing a white tank top, a chef's hat, and a green, white, and red stripped scarf holds up a pizza, with a man and a woman behind him, who are admiring the pizza. The background is an amalgamation of real world city scapes
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This past monday was a holiday for us here in the US, so instead of your regular episode of Waypoint Radio, we recorded a special bonus episode! Join us as we read listener emails about bad corporate speak, restaurant rivalries, and pizzas the size and weight of a large dog. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

Austin: “I have fond memories of hauling home pizzas advertised as quote, family size, a full meter in diameter, a big chunk of cheese and tomato sauce, and then an inch thick layer of kabab meat, garlic sauce, and iceberg salad. People from neighboring towns made the journey just to get the opportunity to buy one of our enormous pizzas.

I recently went home and went to one of the two places still open. I can report that, sadly, the pizzas have shrunk, but they are still just as mediocre.”

Ricardo: Glad to know that quality stayed flat all the way through! That's consistency!

Rob: “We saturated our markets and um, look, the pizza's not going to get better. I'm sorry. It has to get smaller now though too. I thought we could win this war!”

Austin: God, it's incredible. “It’s not better, just bigger.” A meter, a meter! A meter of pizza!

Ricardo: That’s bigger than my fucking desk, what the fuck!

Rob: Disillusioned chefs getting the news that “no, we can't drive that place out of business, we've signed a truce.” It's like “I did things because you told me we would be making pizzas with San Marzanos this time next year!”

Austin: Oh, it's incredible. It's so good.

Rob: “I can't get this sauce off my hands!”

Austin: “Out damn sauce!”

This transcript was edited for length and clarity.

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