We Threw a Party For David LaChapelle


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We Threw a Party For David LaChapelle

At the world's biggest museum of photography.
December 3, 2012, 12:00am

Last week, we helped our friends over at Fotografiska (the world's biggest museum of photography) with the opening party for David LaChapelle's current exhibition, Burning Beauty. As it’s his largest exhibition to date, we figured the private view had to be, uhm, exceptional. Together with LaChapelle's muse, Amanda Lepore and some half-naked bodybuilders, we turned the entire museum into the dreamlike world of the artist himself.

As for music, Kleerup and 8 year-old professional pianist slash wonder child Shuan Hern Lee preformed. We also filled the venue with countless scary twins, nurses and elevator boys to add to the madness. We even had a real priest marry people in our chapel and forced all guests to wear masks.

In case you want to refresh that tired memory of yours, or if you missed the entire thing, we've gathered some of the best photos from the evening above.

Thanks to Karlsson Gold, Brutal Brewery, Hidden Rock, Clear Channel and Hatt et Söner.

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