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Cash Askew of Them Are Us Too Is Confirmed Dead in Oakland Warehouse Fire

Searches of the Ghost Ship venue, which burned down Friday night, still continue, with many more also presumed dead.

Cash Askew, a member of the Bay Area dream-pop band Them Are Us Too, has been confirmed to have been amongst those who died in the fire on Friday night at Oakland's Ghostship warehouse venue. She was 22 years old, and is one of at least 33 people who have lost their lives as a result of the blaze. Searches throughout the rest of the venue still continue, with many more people still currently missing.


Them Are Us Too are signed to Dais Records, and released their debut album Remain via the label in 2015. Dais have released a statement regarding Cash's loss, wherein they commented:

"Cash Askew was an absolutely loved and treasured member of the Dais Records family […] We were in awe of her talent, her gentle kindness, and her creative momentum. […] Her passing is an excruciating loss that we may never fully process or recover from."

The band's past touring partners Wax Idols have also reacted to the tragedy via Instagram, where they paid tribute to Cash's "gentle transcendent power."

You can read the full post below, and keep up to date with developments regarding the Oakland fire here.

(Image via Wax Idols on Instagram)