Here's “Night”, the Debut Song from a Mysterious New Band Called Mulàn

Soft R&B inflections, jolting guitars, and impassioned male vocals singing in a rather sultry way. Can you legitimately demand more?
September 21, 2016, 11:26am

"Identity is secondary to the output yet, never forgotten," say Mulàn, an anonymous band whose debut song "Night" we are premiering today. Whether they have based their band name on the legendary female warrior of Chinese folklore, or were just bang into the 1998 Disney classic, we don't know. The accent above the a suggests it's maybe neither. Why don't we know this? Because we know nothing about Mulàn.

But that's good isn't it? In this age of knowing what night cream Bieber uses on his under eyes, some old school anonymity feels like a good respite. Mulàn's press release contains less information than a floppy disk, they don't feature in their only photo, and this is the only song currently in existence. Fortunately, that song is a vibey blend of soft R&B inflections, jolting guitars, sparkly electronica, and impassioned male vocals singing in a rather sultry way. Basically, it kinda sounds a bit like Matt Healy from The 1975 discovering Jai Paul – and, we mean that in the most brilliant possible way.

Listen to "Night" below.