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Danny Dyer's Mum Had a Growhouse Fire in Her Loft

Some bloke has been arrested. Her neighbours say he's "scruffy".
September 8, 2016, 11:15am

Danny Dyer. Photo by Hilton Teper via Wikipedia.

It would seem that the Dyer family are having a bit of a dire time of it as of late! Just a few weeks after the EastEnders and Run for Your Wife star and cockney for hire was battered by a gaggle of TOWIE star Mark Wright's mates at V Festival, his old mum has now come a cropper. Christina Dyer, an English teacher, returned home from Danny's wedding to find a grow house had caught fire in her loft, according to the Sun.

Christina, or Tina as I'm sure someone at some point has referred to her, was accompanied by a 29-year-old man, whom neighbours described as "scruffy". He was arrested for alleged cultivation after the po-po removed 120 plants, apparently worth £30,000. Firefighters managed to get the blaze at the house in Canning Town under control.


The strangest part of the story is that Christina apparently left the scene of the fire, clearly overcome with grief, and returned two hours later dressed all in black, perhaps in tribute to the thousands of pounds' worth of high grade making its way to the heavens and the evidence locker. Part of me wants to set up a Kickstarter to reinstate the growhouse in Tina's yard, maybe in the front room this time, hidden in plain sight!

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