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We Follow the Syrian Refugee Trail on This Friday's Episode of Our HBO Show

Watch the trailer for this Friday's episode from season four of our HBO show, airing February 12 at 11 PM.

Watch the preview for this Friday's HBO show, "Escape to Europe and Cycle of Terror."

This Friday, February 12, HBO will air another episode from season four of VICE's Emmy-winning show. Last week, we took an in-depth look at Boko Haram, and this time around we will be following Syria's refugee crisis, as well as the global reaction to the devastating Paris terror attacks.

In the episode's first segment, "Escape to Europe," host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin follows the life-threatening Refugee Trail from the Syrian border to Europe, and meets with displaced Syrians determined to find a better life.

Then Gianna Toboni reports from France after the horrific ISIS attacks in Paris to see how the tragedy has influenced global refugee policies and changed the fight against terrorism.

Watch a trailer for Friday's episode above, and keep an eye out for the rest of season four, airing every Friday night at 11 PM, exclusively on HBO. If you're desperately in need of more VICE episodes to carry you through the week, you can rewatch our entire third season online now.