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People Are Mad About This Guy's Zombie Nativity Scene in His Front Yard

He's launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise support for his undead manger scene, despite angry Baptist flyers and a court summons from the county.
December 7, 2015, 11:10pm
Jasen Dixon's zombie nativity scene via the display's Facebook page

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For the second year in a row, Ohio resident Jason Dixon has unveiled his zombie nativity scene on his front lawn just in time for the holidays. And for the second year in a row, his community members and even the local authorities are trying to get him to take it down.

Raw Story reports that Dixon's display—which houses undead wise men, a ghoulish Mary and Joseph, and a radioactive-blue, spike-toothed baby Jesus—is the target of Christians protestors, who leave him flyers that say things like "God frowns upon this manger scene."

On Monday, Dixen received a court summons, ostensibly because he didn't get the proper permits for his 65-square-foot nativity scene, but he told a local CBS affiliate that he's being singled out because of his display's "theme." Dixon also expects to be fined so long as the little zombie Jesus continues to rest his undead head in the scene's manger.

To help offset the cost of expected fines, Dixon has launched an Indigogo campaign to ask for donations to keep zombie Jesus on his lawn for as long as he can. He also says a portion will be donated to charity. He's received $1,669 as of Tuesday afternoon.