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The Feds Say They Busted Three Leaders of the Bandidos Biker Gang on Wednesday

They could do life for their alleged roles in a lengthy gang war that exploded into public view with last May's bloody shootout in Waco, Texas.

Bandidos logo via WikiCommons

On Wednesday, after almost two years of investigation, the FBI arrested three men they say are top members of the notorious Bandidos Motorcycle Club for allegedly waging a violent war against a rival gang and racketeering, the Associated Press reports.

Last May, the gang made national news when their feud with the rival Cossacks biker club apparently helped cause the wild, bloody biker shootout in Waco, Texas.

The affair left nine dead and roughly 20 wounded, and police had 170 bikers and hundreds of weapons in custody once the smoke cleared. A local cop who helped oversee the aftermath called it "the most violent crime scene" he'd ever worked on.

The feds' indictment charges the three arrested members—National President Jeffrey Fay Pike, Nation Vice President John Xavier Portillo, and National Sergeant at Arms Justin Cole Forster—with racketeering, assault, and drug distribution, among other offenses. Portillo, they say, used club dues to pay legal fees for those arrested after the showdown in Waco.

The trio face up to life in prison if convicted.